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Here’s the ‘Succession’ Character That Matches Each Zodiac Sign

We’re back for the fourth and final season of HBO’s darkly dramatic Succession. Centering around the Roy family and their fight for success, money and recognition, this season is painted with a ten billion dollar sale, affairs, marriages and divorces abound. The only thing that could keep you on the edge of your seat more than an episode of the Roy family is finding out which Succession character captures your zodiac sign the most. After all, this show is full of plot twists and back-stabbing, which is why astrology is here to give you another “gut punch” game to play.

For those just joining the party when it comes to Succession, the storyline follows Logan Roy, the CEO and Founder of Waystar Royco a media and entertainment conglomerate and father of four children (Connor, Kendall, Shioban and Roman). Starting from humble beginnings, Logan boasts a rags to riches story that he tells very little about, and which lends itself to his volatile and narcissistic personality in the current day. The family endures scandals both inside and outside of the business, but the central conflict of the Roy family is this—who will be the one to control the company, the money and the power?

With four seasons jam-packed with manipulation tactics, public scandals, legal discourse and a whole lot of “hey, hey mother f*ckers!”, we can only expect more antics from the Roy family and the crew that circulates them in the final season. And when someone’s true antics come out, their zodiac sign really shines! Read on below to figure out which Succession character you are, based on your zodiac sign.

The Succession Character That Matches Each Zodiac Sign

Logan Roy


Aries: You’re Logan Roy

The leader of the pack and a man with a seriously fiery temper. Logan Roy, embodies Aries energy to his core. His ability to compartmentalize his childhood and use it as fuel to lead a lavish and successful life late into his adulthood shows us the endless youth that exists within Aries people. He is open to change and taking big leaps of faith with his business, but avoids accountability at all costs when it comes to court cases, allegations and addressing his wrongdoings with his family. Being headstrong and hard to open up emotionally, I pin Logan as an Aries.

Willa Ferreyra


Taurus: You’re Willa Ferreyra

Willa is a tall, beautiful blonde bombshell. She was originally brought into the orbit of the Roy family as Connor’s pay to play girlfriend, but chose to stick around after she was promised financing for her creative theatrical projects. Even the regularity in which she was willing to see Connor before they solidified their relationship screams Taurus. Ruled by Venus, Taureans are focused on loyalty, beauty and financial security. The aspiring playwright is concerned with her public image, making money and having her own identity. So much so that she stubbornly agrees to marry Connor when he makes a very public display to take their relationship to the next step in front of the rest of the Roy family members. Seeing their relationship as purely transactional and reluctantly engaging in a more emotional relationship once she knows what’s in it for her has “Taurus” written all over it.

Roman Roy


Gemini: You’re Roman (Romulus) Roy

Roman is one person to his family and friends, one person in his private endeavors and a whole different person when he is in work mode. He is able to adapt and change who he shows up as in order to appease the person he is interacting with. His uncanny ability to get in his own head when it comes to expressing himself *intimately* can also lend into his being an air sign. He has gut-punch one-liners for days, knows how to stir the pot without getting too emotionally involved and feels completely comfortable being single and searching the world with curious eyes… that are not tied down.

Tom Wambsgans


Cancer: You’re Tom Wambsgans

Cancer men have a deep desire to build and be a part of a thriving family. Tom is smitten over the idea of bearing children with his wife, Siobhan, but will also do whatever it takes to stay in the good graces of patriarch Logan Roy. He is torn between who he has loyalty to, so long as he is a part of the Waystar Royco empire. He has a knack for taking the hit when things go south (look at his willingness to fall on the sword with the cruise case) just like Cancer does. They would rather bear the weight and pain for those around them if it means protecting the ones they love and prolonging their own familial legacy. He’s emotional and isn’t afraid to show it, which is undeniably “water sign” behavior. And as a side note, have you ever heard of two less compatible signs than Cancer and Libra? Look at which Succession character Libra is for context.

Lukas Mattson


Leo: You’re Lukas Mattson

Lukas is the type of potential business partner that is fully invested in getting the best possible outcome… for himself. As a fixed sign, Leos are stubborn and can have a hard time budging or compromising with others. As the finalization approaches between Lukas and Logan Roy, the Leo qualities become more and more evident within Lukas. He is open to posting memes and selfie-style videos of himself on social media while the Roy family lives in chaos over what “might” happen next in the progression of separate entities to one unified conglomerate.

Karolina Novotney


Virgo: You’re Karolina Novotney

Virgos deeply fear failure and a sense of desire control in unpredictable circumstances. Working as the Head of Publicity for a very problematic Waystar Royco, Karolina is always on top of cleaning up after the Roy family and their epic blunders. She is poised, classy and quietly one of the most important roles in the company’s success in the public eye. She does not beg for attention, but her perfectly done blowouts are enough to stop you in your tracks if you truly turn your attention to Karolina. Her attention to detail and ability to keep things Kosher screams Virgo.

Greg Hirsch


Libra: You’re Greg Hirsch

The grandson of Logan Roy’s brother, Ewan, Greg is a quasi-member of the Roy family that has worked his way into the Waystar Royco company, and our hearts. He is soft-spoken, docile, a hopeless romantic and always ready to please. Greg lives with wonder-filled eyes and can sometimes have the tendency to look at life through rose-colored glasses, which feels very Libran in nature. He wants there to be peace and harmony between his distant family members, even going so far as to drive twelve hours home with his grandfather after he and Logan got into a spat. Conflict averse, gentle and eager to make amends all shout “Libra”!

Kerry Succession


Scorpio: You’re Kerry

As the assistant of Logan Roy, Kerry’s role is pivotal for how the company moves forward as she is responsible for insight and attendance with Logan’s day-to-day. Her sleek, jet black locks, Kerry vacillates between lurking in the shadows and bringing a level of attention to herself in pursuit of power (and doesn’t seem to care if that attention is positive or negative once all eyes are on her). Her seduction of Logan despite his long-standing marriage to Marcia also screams seductress, as any true Scorpio placement can play well.

Kendall Roy


Sagittarius: You’re Kendall Roy

Kendall lives life on the edge and has a tendency for overindulgence when things get too hot and volatile. He wants to learn and ascend through his work, but this often happens at the demise of time with his two children, and is ultimately what led to him and his first wife Rava’s divorce. After getting into legal trouble from having a very public “f*ck the patriarchy” (in his own words) moment, he has expectations of others showing up to his aid. Centaurs have a tendency to disassociate from anyone or anything that becomes so stable that it turns stale. As a mutable fire sign, they are designed to run on fumes, and Kendall embodies this behavior full-stop.

Gerry Killman


Capricorn: You’re Gerri Kellman

Gerri is the long-time confidant of Logan Roy who has played the role of a long-term counsel member turned interim CEO of Waystar Royco. Her reliability and financial finesse both scream “earth sign” energy. She also attracts the attention of youngest family member, Roman Roy, and as the “daddy” (or mirror to daddy issues) of the zodiac, there is no better suited zodiac sign than Capricorn for Gerri to play.

Siobhan Shiv Roy


Aquarius: You’re Siobhan (Shiv) Roy

The only daughter of Logan Roy, Shiv has had to struggle for recognition and opportunities within the Waystar Royco business. She is quick to cut off ties with family members, her husband, or other people in the public eye at the drop of a pin. This level of compartmentalization has “air sign” written all over it. Being the outlier in her own family is also quite Aquarian. Her role as the only daughter of Logan Roy was to disrupt the monotonous view and treatment that she witnessed her brothers receive, for better or for worse. She is intelligent, well-spoken, and thinks outside of the box to get what she wants in life. What more do you need to prove Shiv is an Aquarius?

Connor Roy


Pisces: You’re Connor Roy

Connor is the happy clam of the family that would feel more fulfilled living off of the grid with his cut of the billions than playing into the Roy family schemes. He is wildly sentimental and romantic, which also exudes Pisces energy. He has a habit of over-romanticizing those around him, quick to forgive his father whom he was estranged from, and even more hell-bent on making his quasi-relationship with Willa work out, regardless of how many times she pushes him away. He is artistic, poetic and overall living in a dream state of mind. Connor Roy campaign for President, anyone?

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