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Here’s the Flower That Captures Each Zodiac Sign’s Natural Beauty

When it comes to flowers, where do we begin? Poets have struggled to find the words to convey their beauty. Artists have labored to find the colors and techniques to capture their glamor. One could argue that flowers are proof magic is real, because seriously—how else can you explain these gorgeous things? If you’re wondering which flower captures each zodiac sign, you’ve come to the right place.

I don’t know about you, but witnessing an irresistible flower has the power to completely transform my mood. And the best part? These beauties arrive when you least expect it. You could be taking the long walk home and notice your neighbor’s wildflower garden is in full bloom, thanks to the influx of rain. You could be dolling yourself up for a hot date and be unexpectedly met with an intoxicating bouquet of red roses. And whenever you’re having a bad day, you could always run to the local florist and buy yourself a batch of those juicy peony bulbs you know you’ve been eyeing. At the end of the day, flowers are here to make everything brighter, prettier and all-around better. It always does the trick, leaving behind an aroma that makes you want more.

However, flowers are more than just superficial keepsakes. They’re an integral part of our ecosystem, providing bees, butterflies and hummingbirds with the nutrients they need. They purify our water and prevent the erosion by holding the earth in place with their roots. If you look deeply enough, you’ll find that every flower has their own spiritual significance. Here’s the one that captures yours:

The Flower That Captures Each Zodiac Sign



Aries: You’re Tulips

Because Aries season takes place at the very start of spring, your zodiac sign represents the promise of new beginnings. And when you see bountiful fields of tulips rising from the earth, you get the sense that you’re on the precipice of an exciting new adventure. These colorful blooms feed off of melting ice after a long winter, rising with renewed splendor. Tulips mean you’re ready to end hibernation, let go of the past and start afresh, because their symmetrical perfection is a motivating force all on their own. And when you see tulips begin to bloom, you know that the fire of Aries is well within reach.

Peony Flowers


Taurus: You’re Peonies

Despite the fact that peonies are among the most feminine and luxurious flowers, they’re the only type of flower that comes close to capturing your divine and goddess-like energy. Taurus is the zodiac sign of patience and sensual beauty, which is shown in the way peonies begin as tightly wound bulbs and take their time before unfurling their petals and spreading out. A Taurus would never rush the process of getting pampered to perfection, which is why the peony is in no rush to reach its peak.

California Poppy Flowers


Gemini: You’re Poppies

There’s no flower that captures the wild and carefree beauty of Gemini better than the poppy. All you have to do is take a drive through California during the springtime, when fields of golden-orange poppies are scattered across rolling hills, living alongside pointy cacti. Like the wildflower, Gemini thrives in disorder, knowing that creativity rises when there are no rules to contain it. And because Gemini is so adaptable, the poppy can survive in times of heat, draught and freeze. These flowers are a happy accident of the rainstorms that occur in late winter and early spring, proving that beauty is often unplanned.



Cancer: You’re Plumerias

Like the fragrant and beachy plumeria, you can always find a Cancer near the water. This zodiac sign—ruled by crab—thrives where the sand meets the ocean, in a place where loved ones gather to fall in love and watch the sunset. The scent of plumeria and the way its petals look like seashells instantly takes a Cancer back to some of their favorite memories of surf and summer, making them feel right at home. Plus, the plumeria represents birth and creation, while Cancer symbolizes nurturing and motherhood.



Leo: You’re Sunflowers

Leo could be associated with none other than the sunflower (for obvious reasons). This bright and vibrant fire sign is literally ruled by the sun, a celestial body that demands all the attention in the room. Leo is much the same, being the zodiac sign of creativity, self-expression and showing off. And if you’ve ever seen a field of tall golden sunflowers, you know it renders you completely speechless. Much like a Leo always wears its heart on its sleeve, the sunflower is always facing directly at the sun, waiting for inspiration with open arms.

Lily of the Valley


Virgo: You’re Lilies of the Valley

In astrology, Virgo is ruled by the “Virgin”, and although Virgos aren’t necessarily concerned with chastity, they are obsessed with their own vision of purity and perfection. When you consider that lily of the valley is the most popular flower for bridal bouquets, how could this flower not be a Virgo? This zodiac sign is all about the beauty of minimalism and simplicity, trading gaudy displays for intricate details. This flower touches all of Virgo’s bases. It may be soft, unassuming and delicate, but you can’t stop looking at it once you’ve noticed it. Plus, the soft and earthy scent it leaves behind always leaves a Virgo wanting more, which is exactly how they like it.



Libra: You’re Roses

Admit it, Libra—you’re a hopeless romantic and you know it. Not only that, but Libra is literally ruled by Venus—planet of love and luxury—making you opt for the flower that puts all other flowers to shame—the rose. You love that roses come in all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes—each with its own specific meaning—giving you a rose for every type of relationship you have. Beyond the rose’s olfactory magic—and the way its satin petals fall to your feet, one by one—you can’t help but feel completely spellbound. Plus, the rose has thorns, which is a testament to your protective strengths.

Marigold Flowers


Scorpio: You’re Marigolds

Marigolds reign during the beginning of the autumn season, when the vibe is beginning to grow darker, moodier and spookier. And although the nights continue to get longer, marigolds provide a pop of gold-orange that captures a moment of sunshine. However, there’s an even deeper reason for Scorpio’s association with the marigold. After all, this is the flower associated with Día de los Muertos (the “Day of the Dead”), which is a holiday honoring departed loved ones. Scorpio is the zodiac sign of death and rebirth. It is believed that spirits are attracted to the marigold’s bright coloring and mysterious fragrance.

Pansy Flower


Sagittarius: You’re Pansies

Pansies come in all shapes, patterns, colors and sizes. When you look at a field of pansies shaking their delicate petals in the wind, you see a plethora of colors, ranging from blue to yellow to pink and even orange. Because Sagittarius is the zodiac sign of expansion, adventure and possibility, this mutable fire sign could only be represented by a flower that cannot truly be predicted. Sagittarius is all about opening one’s mind to new things and embracing our differences, which is why it makes sense that the pansy—in all its variety and diversity—would capture the Sagittarian spirit.

Orchid Flowers


Capricorn: You’re Orchids

Capricorn is the zodiac sign of tradition, grace and longevity, which is a sentiment the elegant orchid understands. Much like a Capricorn, this tall and statuesque flower is never over-the-top, understanding that true beauty lies in looking clean and put together. Not only is the orchid the most prestigious of all flowers, it also has a way of looking more dignified than every other blossom. Plus, orchids can live up to fifteen years, entering periods of “dormancy” before reblooming themselves. Capricorn understands that success takes time, which is why the delayed gratification of an orchid’s beauty makes it a perfect match.

Calla Lily Flower


Aquarius: You’re Calla Lilies

There’s no doubt that the calla lily is among the most unique of all flowers. Like Aquarius, the calla lily does not care to fit in with other flowers, instead choosing a petal arrangement that looks more like a graceful cup that could easily “bear” water. Straight up—the calla lily looks like modern art! Aquarius is a zodiac sign that would rather set the trends than follow them, which is why they’ll appreciate the calla lily’s inventive attitude. Plus, Aquarius is the zodiac sign of community and connection, and nothing is more magical than stumbling upon a field of calla lily’s, huddled together in their shared eccentricity.

Lotus Flower/Water Lily


Pisces: You’re Lotus Flowers

Like the lotus flower, Pisces is a zodiac sign that would much rather go with the flow and adapt to the changing pace of life’s currents. This flower exists in a liminal space between air and water, much like Pisces exists in the liminal space between the spirit world and the material world. Pisces can understand the way the lotus flower may feel like a fish out of water at times, and yet, they’re what people come to the lake to see. Pisces is both emotional and out-of-this-world, floating through a place that most other flowers would drown in.

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