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Here’s the Dog Breed That Captures Each Zodiac Sign’s Personality

Have you ever wondered what dog breed you would be if you could turn into a pup? Luckily, you can find out which dog breed captures your zodiac sign, because astrology can tell us so much about our lives, personalities and more—including which dog breed matches your personality!

According to the American Kennel Club, there are about 200 wonderful dog breeds that are categorized into one of seven groups based on their personality, physical traits and more. Matching zodiac signs with dog breeds is possible when considering the traits of each breed and which of the seven groups the dog breed is in. For example, fire signs are usually active and high-energy zodiac signs that would pair nicely with the lively breeds in the working and sporting groups. Meanwhile, the social, community-focused air signs would be best represented by the intelligent, pack-focused breeds from the herding and hunting groups. However, the hardworking earth signs would need to be matched with dog breeds that are equally driven, such as the breeds from the working and terrier groups. Lastly, the easygoing, sensitive water signs will likely see a reflection of their personalities in the dog breeds that are part of the non-sporting and toy groups.

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Will your zodiac sign be paired with your favorite dog breed? Keep reading to see what dog breed you are based on your sun sign and/or rising sign:

The Dog Breed That Matches Each Zodiac Sign

German Shepherd Dog


Aries: You’re a German Shepherd

As a vivacious fire sign who is always on the go, a German Shepherd matches your personality to a T, Aries! German Shepherds are known as a dog that has a bark almost worse than their bite, which is similar to your own forthright nature. Like a German Shepherd, you tend to be initially fierce but secretly sweet. German Shepherds are also incredibly loyal and protective of their loved ones – just like you. Plus, German Shepherds are one of the top choices for breeds that are trained to work with law enforcement, which is perfect given that your planetary ruler is warrior Mars.

Basset Hound Puppy Dog


Taurus: You’re a Basset Hound

Sweet yet stubborn is an excellent way to describe you and Basset Hounds! This adorable dog breed is known for its droopy eyes, wrinkled face and long ears, which perfectly captures your own cuddly aura. Although you and the Basset Hound look undeniably sweet, you are also both known to be incredibly stubborn but notably relaxed. Like you, Basset Hounds are reportedly easygoing and prefer a lazy schedule over an active one. However, this dog breed can also be challenging to train since Basset Hounds can be headstrong. It’s no surprise that you and the Basset Hound have a low-maintenance temperament as long as you both can do your own thing.

Siberian Husky Dog


Gemini: You’re a Siberian Husky

Is that a Siberian Husky screaming, or is that just you, Gemini? Aside from being exceptionally talkative, you and the Siberian Husky also share social personalities and keen intelligence. Similar to the Siberian Husky, you are an undeniably friendly zodiac sign who thrives when you’re around others. You and the Siberian Husky tend to work exceptionally well in a pack since community is important to both of you. However, you are both strong-willed and curious, so you both need plenty of outlets to avoid becoming restless. Like you, the Siberian Husky can be mischievous if left to its own devices!

Dalmatian Puppy Dog


Cancer: You’re a Dalmatian

If 101 Dalmatians was your favorite childhood movie, then this might be a sign that Dalmatians perfectly capture your cosmic personality, Cancer. This lovable spotted dog breed is not only popular in Disney, but is also well known for having a playful yet sensitive disposition. Cancer, you perfectly match with the Dalmatian since this is a loving, family-focused dog breed. Dalmatians also tend to be energetic, which complements your own motivation when you’re emotionally invested and attuned to your ambitions. Since this people-pleasing pup is a winner with any family, it’s no wonder that you’re paired with the Dalmation.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog


Leo: You’re a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Maybe it’s the name of this dog breed or its kingly disposition, but it’s no surprise that you’re matched with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! Similar to you, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a sweet, docile temperament despite being somewhat high maintenance. Leo, you may feel like you and this pup are bonded on a cosmic level since you both share a strong desire to be the center of your favorite person’s world. This affectionate yet playful dog breed is also incredibly adorable, so it’s no wonder why people instantly fall in love with this pup (and you)!

White Big Royal Poodle Dog


Virgo: You’re a Poodle

No other dog breed perfectly captures your intelligence quite like a Poodle does, Virgo! Poodles are best known for their mental agility since these are dogs that are quick to pick up anything while training. Your alertness matches the Poodle’s quickness beautifully since this sharp pup can readily adapt to any and all changes. Although Poodles’ are hailed for their intelligence, this lovely dog breed is also known to be eager to please. Like you, the Poodle wants to appease everyone so the Poodle will perform endless tasks and tricks to be the good dog that others expect from this breed.

Bichon Frise Dog


Libra: You’re a Bichon Frise

The small, white Bichon Frise is a highly favored dog breed throughout the world since the Bichon Frise is considered one of the greatest “personality dogs” in the world. Given this admirable reputation and outstanding popularity, the Bichon Frise embodies your social standing, Libra. Similar to you, the Bichon Frise is not only popular for its charming personality, but also for its intelligence and looks. This tiny, furry companion is an excellent choice for a lapdog to snuggle with since the Bichon Frise loves to be loved (just like you do)!

Doberman/German Pinscher Dog


Scorpio: You’re a Doberman

It’s no secret that you are a beautiful yet intimidating zodiac sign, Scorpio, which means that you need to be paired with a pup who captures your daunting energy. The Doberman is a striking dog breed with a sleek body and sharp face that perfectly illustrates your alluring yet enthralling aura. Kind of like your reputation for being very intense, the Doberman once held a reputation as a scary dog breed. Although both you and the Doberman have a strong presence, you’re both secret softies that are incredibly loyal to very few people once given the chance to open up to show off your sweet personalities.

Border Collie Dog


Sagittarius: You’re a Border Collie

Sagittarius, you need a bold, lively pup that mirrors your spark and zest for life! This is why the Border Collie is your furry counterpart since you and this pup share a strong desire for adventure. Border Collies are hailed as incredibly smart dogs since this herding breed is known to be easy to train and notably adaptable. Like the Border Collie, you are also a high-energy fire sign who needs to be on the move. Both you and the Border Collie are notably active since there’s a shared likeness in mental and physical agility. So, it’s no surprise that this playful pup is your cosmic counterpart!

Bullmastiff Dog


Capricorn: You’re a Bullmastiff

The perfect dog breed should mirror your no-nonsense look, hardworking attitude and protective energy, Capricorn. Although there are many wonderful working breeds to choose from, the Bullmastiff’s bravery, confidence and fearlessness to tackle any job best match your cosmic personality. The Bullmastiff is an impressive pup since this working breed is known for its size and muscular stature, which makes the Bullmastiff a perfect choice for hard work. Since you and the Bullmastiff share a fastidious attitude, this implies that both you and the Bullmastiff share the ability to be excellent protectors, leaders and companions.

Borzoi Dog


Aquarius: You’re a Borzoi

Aquarius, did you know that you are statistically considered to be one of the rarest zodiac signs? Between your uniqueness, individuality and ingenuity, you are truly one of a kind! This is why the Borzoi is the perfect dog breed to match your extraordinary cosmic energy. Just like you, Borzois are also considered a rare dog breed after almost going extinct during the Russian Revolution. Although these captivating, long-nosed dogs are far and few in-between, you tend to share the Borzoi’s friendly personality once comfortable with your community and surprising stubbornness once determined to complete a goal.

Italian Greyhound Dog


Pisces: You’re an Italian Greyhound

The Italian Greyhound is an easily recognizable pup thanks to Jenna Marbles’ popular YouTube videos that featured her two “Iggies”, Peach and Kermit. Pisces, your cosmic personality is perfectly mirrored by the Italian Greyhound’s sweet yet sensitive personality. Between Kermie crying on camera for 24 hours and your own wavering feelings, it’s no wonder that you and the Italian Greyhound share the same sensitive soul. Like you, the Italian Greyhound is an excellent lapdog since this toy breed loves to snuggle with its favorite person. Given that you and the Iggies share the same lovable personality, you may feel like the Italian Greyhound is your astrological soulmate!

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