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Here’s The Beautiful Meaning Behind Camila Cabello’s ‘Liar’ Lyrics

We’re not sure what makes us worthy of receiving two Camila Cabello singles at once, but we’re grateful for today’s release of “Shameless” and “Liar.” First, let’s dive into these Camila Cabello “Liar” lyrics and uncover the meaning.

The two songs include concepts—basically from the pages of my diary—about the woes of crushing and being in love. 

“Liar” starts off with a fun, stop and start feel, and Cabello sings a list of things she’s seemingly unbothered by.

I don’t care if you’re here
Or if you’re not alone
I don’t care, it’s been too long
It’s kinda like we didn’t happen

But no sooner does she recognize that these are all lies, and the feelings she claims to not have towards her crush, are very much there. Whatever the case, there’s obviously some unfinished business between Cabello and this person she’s singing about. There’s a passionate history of getting “too close,” and a genuine fear of losing control. 

The desperation truly lands during the bridge when she’s saying look, I don’t believe the lies I tell myself concerning you (mystery person), and you shouldn’t believe them either.

I don’t believe myself when I
Say that I don’t need you, oh
I don’t believe myself when I say it
So, don’t believe me

With a different angle, “Shameless” also lands with a desperate need for this lover. She sings about facing that difficult truth—needing and wanting someone beyond reason, but this time, she’s intent on facing that emotion rather than denying it.

Right now, I’m shameless
Screamin’ my lungs out for ya
Not afraid to face it
I need you more than I want to

While there is no video for “Liar,” we do have some striking visuals from “Shameless,” which is the second single Cabello released today! Check out the newly released video below.

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