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Harry Styles Looks Purely Radiant On The Cover Of Rolling Stone

It really doesn’t get much better than this. Harry Styles’ Rolling Stone cover is getting the best tweet reactions. He looks truly radiant. The singer’s expression is one of pure bliss and happiness. His joy is palpable and his hair has never been more flawless. Fans were disappointed to hear that the former One Direction band member turned down the role of Prince Eric in Disney’s live-action version of The Little Mermaid. But now they are beyond thrilled because this magazine cover has more than made up for it.

Fans are going wild on Twitter for the 25-year-old singer’s incredible photoshoot and interview. The issue comes out on September 3, so we have a few more weeks before we know exactly what Styles discussed in the interview. But the tagline on the cover reads, “Sex, Psychedelics, and the Secrets of Stardom.” So we have an idea of what might be coming…

There are reports circling that Styles will release a new album at some point this fall. If that turns out to be true, this Rolling Stone article could be the exact right amount of publicity that he needs. Fans are already buzzing about the pop star. Any new music from Styles would be a welcome addition to our Spotify playlists! It’s been two years since the “Sign Of The Times” singer released his debut solo album. We’ve been ~dying~ for new music.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Styles was most recently spotted at Ariana Grande’s concert in London this past weekend. He busted some pretty fab dance moves and was seen chatting with Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown. Needless to say, Twitter is full of tweets raving about both Styles’ Rolling Stone cover shot and his dance moves. Can’t get much better content than that!

Some are particularly focused on the “Sex” and “Psychedelics” part of the tagline. And um…same.

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