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Happy Anniversary, Will & Kate! A Roundup Of Their Best Couples Slays

The day that Prince William and Kate Middleton had their royal wedding, I was woken up by my mother in the early (very early) morning to drink tea, eat pastries, wear homemade fascinators and watch as history unfolded right before our eyes. While, at the time, I was definitely not thrilled to be awake before 6 a.m., I cherish that morning knowing that I witnessed an event that connected people around the world—not to mention how amazing both parties looked in their wedding garb. Nine years later, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s fashion choices are still iconic. So, as they celebrate their ninth anniversary as a married couple, let us celebrate all their fashion victories as a couple over the years.

While Kate Middleton is often praised for her impeccable sense of style, we often forget to include sweet, sweet Prince William. Though he seems to be limited to the constraints of modern masculinity and royal fashion restrictions, there are times when the couple shines as a truly stylish duo. There are, of course, a lot of incredible style moments to be found—They are royals, after all.—but we rounded up our top 10 Prince William and Kate Middleton looks for your enjoyment. I’m especially fond of when the pair dons casual looks for daytime events, but there are some seriously chic formal ensembles as well. This couple can truly come at us from all angles. So go ahead, grab a scone and join us as we traipse down memory lane.


1. Royal Air Force Wings Graduation Ceremony, 2008

STYLECASTER | Prince William and Katie Middleton Fashion | 2008


Years before they were even married, Prince William and Katie Middleton stepped out at the Prince’s Royal Air Force Wings graduation. With Prince William in his sleek Air Force uniform and Katie Middleton in a very 2008-appropriate coat, the couple was definitely the talk of the graduation ceremony.


2. The Royal Wedding, 2011

STYLECASTER | Prince William and Katie Middleton Fashion | Royal Wedding

Heathcliff O’Malley/Shutterstock.

Of course, any Prince William and Kate Middleton fashion round-up would be nothing without their wedding looks. Prince William looked incredibly dapper in his royal ensemble, while Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was nothing short of spectacular. Truly, this moment—and these outfits—will go down in history.


3. Diamond Jubilee Tour In The Solomon Islands, 2012

STYLECASTER | Prince William and Katie Middleton Fashion | Solomon Islands 2012

Tim Rooke/Shutterstock.

I mean, can we please talk about these tropical looks Prince William and Kate Middleton are wearing? First, you have baby William in an oversized short-sleeve button down, which is honestly iconic. Then, you have Kate Middleton somehow pulling off this multi-tiered tropical dress. What I love about these outfits is that the couple looks so kind and approachable—like they could be our BFFs. (Sigh. If only.)


4. Birth Of Princess Charlotte, 2015

STYLECASTER | Prince William and Katie Middleton Fashion | with baby Charlotte 2015

Nils Jorgensen/Shutterstock.

How anyone could possible look this amazing right after giving birth is beyond me. But Kate Middleton and Prince William both looked incredible as they introduced their daughter Charlotte to the world. I’d also like to start a petition for Prince William to wear more pullover sweaters, because I’m very into it.


5. Tiger’s Nest Monastery In Thimphu, 2016

STYLECASTER | Prince William and Katie Middleton Fashion | Thimphu 2016

Tim Rooke/Shutterstock.

Prince William and Kate Middleton rocking some outdoorsy looks? I’m here for it. Prince William even manages to make chunky hiking shoes look effortlessly stylish with his button down and khakis. Meanwhile, Kate is serving all kinds of safari-chic with her vest and knee-high boots. Consider this couple’s look a major win.


6. Royal Ascot, 2017

STYLECASTER | Prince William and Katie Middleton Fashion | Royal Ascot 2017


We love a good hats moment. Kate Middleton looks truly gorgeous in her white eyelet dress with matching hat, and Prince William’s ensemble screams “pip pip, cheerio”—in the best way. (And if you pretend that William’s umbrella is a cane, the look gets even better.)


7. Royal Ascot, 2019

STYLECASTER | Prince William and Katie Middleton Fashion | Royal Ascot 2019

Rupert Hartley/Shutterstock.

Fast forward a couple years to the same event in 2019, and the couple still looks amazing. The Duchess has appropriately updated her dress style to a gorgeous blue frock perfect for the end of the decade. And once again, Prince William is rocking a top hat that just cannot be ignored. Well done, you two.


8. Margalla Hills In Islamabad Pakistan, 2019

STYLECASTER | Prince William and Katie Middleton Fashion | Pakistan 2019


October 2019 marked the first time in 13 years there had been a royal visit to Pakistan. If the country doesn’t remember what was said during this visit, they’ll definitely remember these looks worn by the Prince and Duchess. Is it just me, or does Prince William look his best when dressed casually? Either way, the couple looks gorgeous—and just as stylish as they did over 10 years ago.


9. Reception In Pakison, 2019

STYLECASTER | Prince William and Katie Middleton Fashion | Islamabad 2019

Tim Rooke/Shutterstock.

The couple’s trip to Pakistan in 2019 was truly so good in terms of fashion, it deserves to be on here twice. Prince William and Kate Middleton got all dolled up for a reception hosted by the British High Commissioner to Pakistan, and there’s no doubt the couple looked incredible. Casual looks or evening-wear—Will and Kate can do it all.


10. British Academy Film Awards, 2020

STYLECASTER | Prince William and Katie Middleton Fashion | British Academy Film Awards 2020

Matt Baron/Shutterstock.

Although the BAFTA red carpet was laid out for all the stars who attended the awards in February of 2020, I like to think it was just for Prince William and Kate Middleton. The Prince—per usual—looked amazing in a classic tux, and the Duchess of Cambridge stunned in an Alexander McQueen gown. I’d say they looked like absolute royalty, but they literally are. Never stop slaying, Will and Kate.


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