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Hannah Gadsby’s Net Worth Includes Reported A 6-Figure Deal With Netflix

Since they began throwing people around the world into fits of laughter with several Netflix comedy specials and global stand-up tours, fans have become curious about Hannah Gadsby’s net worth.

Hannah Gadsby is an Australian comedian, writer, actor and television personality. Born on January 12, 1978, in Tasmania, Australia, they got their start in comedy in 2006 after winning the Raw Comedy competition for new comedians. Gadsby became a household name after their 2018 Netflix special, Nanette, was released on the streaming platform. Nanette, a comedy show about quitting comedy, was such a gut-busting sensation that it won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Special, as well as a Peabody Award. Netflix also gave Gadsby the greenlight for two more specials: 2020’s Douglas and 2023’s Something Special.

In addition to their Netflix specials, Gadsby has performed several international tours, worked as an actor and screenwriter for an assortment of television series and released a memoir. So what is Hannah Gadsby’s net worth and how much do they make per show? Read on for what we know about how much they earn now.

What is Hannah Gadsby’s net worth?

What is Hannah Gadsby’s net worth? According to Celebrity Net Worth, the Australian comedian is worth $1 million. In addition to their ongoing partnership with Netflix, several acting and writing projects have contributed to their fortune.

Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby in Nanette. Image: Netflix

Gadsby starred in the television series Please Like Me, and they had reoccurring roles in the TV series The Librarians and Underbelly. In addition to acting in Please Like Me, the comedian also wrote for the show. Their writing credits extend to the TV series Adam Hills Tonight and Hannah Gadsby’s Oz.

After Nanette’s success, the comedian set out on their first international tour in 2019 with Douglas, which was filmed and released on Netflix as Gadsby’s second special on the streaming platform in 2020. In July 2021, Gadsby began traveling around the globe to perform their show Body of Work, which will also launch on Netflix as Something Special in May 2023.

Hannah Gadsby’s net worth also includes the Australian native’s book, Ten Steps to Nanette: A Memoir Situation. Released in March 2022, the New York Times bestseller details the moments in Gadsby’s life that led to the conception of their first hit special, from growing up as a queer person in Tasmania—where homosexuality was illegal until 1997—to their ADHD and autism diagnoses later in life.

Of the memoir, Gadsby told the New York Times in April 2022 that they wanted to set up the book in a way that let readers know they were “new to the world of fame.” The comedian explained, “If you have success on a reasonably large scale, people assume that’s your world and that’s your milieu, and it’s just absolutely not.” They added, “I didn’t want it to be a rags-to-riches story. I wanted it to be a confusion-to-more-confusion story.”

How much does Hannah Gadsby make per show?

While exact monetary figures associated with Gadsby’s multi-special deal with Netflix aren’t public knowledge, a September 2022 report by the Wall Street Journal claims the platform has taken to licensing new specials from comedians for a specific time period rather than outright buying them. The report alleges Netflix is paying around $200,000 per two-year deal, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Hannah Gadsby

Hannah Gadsby in Nanette. Image: Netflix

There’s speculation that Hannah Gadsby’s net worth may include a heftier sum paid by Netflix due to the public friction between the comedian and the platform’s co-CEO, Ted Sarandos, in 2021. Sarandos penned an internal memo to employees defending Dave Chapelle’s controversial special, The Closer, which included transphobic language. The Netflix executive namedropped Gadsby in the memo, which was leaked to the public, and the comedian didn’t take kindly to the ordeal.

“Hey Ted Sarandos! Just a quick note to let you know that I would prefer if you didn’t drag my name into your mess,” Gadsby wrote on Instagram. “Now I have to deal with even more of the hate and anger that Dave Chappelle’s fans like to unleash on me every time Dave gets 20 million dollars to process his emotionally stunted partial worldview.”

They continued, “You didn’t pay me nearly enough to deal with the real-world consequences of the hate speech dog whistling you refuse to acknowledge, Ted. F—k you and your amoral algorithm cult… I do s—ts with more backbone than you.” They scathingly added, “That’s just a joke! I definitely didn’t cross a line because you just told the world there isn’t one.”

A year later, after signing a deal with Netflix for their third hour-long special and an upcoming multi-comic special, Gadsby gave insight about the projects and partnership to Deadline in September 2022. “In an effort to further open a door that I had to fight to get through myself, I will curate and host a line-up show on Netflix featuring six new gender-diverse comedians,” the comedian explained. 

“In a notoriously transphobic industry, I am looking to broaden the scope of opportunities for genderqueer performers from around the globe, as well as expand the diversity of offerings to audiences on one of comedy’s biggest platforms,” Gadsby said. “Coupled with a mentorship initiative for these up-and-coming comics, the program aims to foster the professional development of a demographic that is still struggling to have their voices heard.”

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