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Halsey Makes Early-2000s Sleepover Attire Happen, We Are Both Nostalgic and Shook

If Halsey didn’t already win 2018 for being a badass vocalist, writing the breakup song of the century, rocking a bowl cut at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or wearing one of the sexiest Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen, she’s definitely won it now.

The singer’s 2018 wardrobe has been full of bold, stunning, fashion-forward ensembles—which is exactly why we’re so shook right now. Because Halsey’s latest outfit doesn’t quite level up to her nothing-but-Fendi-stockings look, or the lemon-hued patent leather suit she wore to The Ellen DeGeneres Show a few weeks ago.

The ensemble isn’t obviously-designer. In fact, we’re pretty sure we owned it (or a version of it) some 15 years ago—in, like, high school.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Picture this: You’ve just woken up. It’s around 11:30 A.M., and you’re tangled up in a sleeping bag on the floor of your best friend’s bedroom. Her bed is five feet away, but she’s on the floor next to you in a sleeping bag of her own. You shake her awake, borrow her dad’s car and the two of you drive to the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts for some kind of faux coffee you’ve been pretending to like for six months now (because you’re an adult).

In your head, you’re PROBABLY WEARING THIS OUTFIT. We know we are. This is, like, the quintessential sleepover-hangover look—from the Abercrombie-esque crewneck right down to the baby pink Converse. And honestly, we’ve never had more respect for Halsey’s wardrobe than we do in this very moment. Halsey has taken a break from her bold AF fashion-forward style star status to bring early aughts sleepover chic back, and we are here for it.

Of course, we’re choosing to ignore the fact that Halsey paired her sleepover outfit with a gorgeous YSL crossbody, because that makes the ensemble slightly less relatable. (It probably costs more than the whole rest of the look combined. But hey, you do you, Hals.)

The nostalgia is real today here at StyleCaster, and we owe it all to this outfit. Now, all we can think about is heading home and crawling into those pink, low-rise, bootcut sweatpants we got at the Jersey Shore when we were 16 (you know, the ones we’ve refused to throw out, despite being bona fide adults now). Sigh.


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