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Halsey Has A Boyfriend & Thinks It’s ‘Scary’ To Talk About

These two made their relationship red carpet official. But on Ellen Degeneres’s talk show, The Ellen Degeneres Show, October 29, this video about Halsey and Evan Peters romance spilled all the tea. The songstress dropped the “b” word (boyfriend) and now it’s super official. Halsey discussed her relationship with Peters, saying it’s “scary” to talk about. Degeneres was pressing the singer for details on her Halloween night out with Peters on October 26. The couple crushed the costume challenge as Sonny and Cher for the American Horror Story 100 Episode Celebration event. No one puts people on the spot with more charm and wit than Degeneres. The talk show host put Halsey and Peters’ red carpet photo up on the big screen behind the “Without Me” singer. Halsey couldn’t do anything but answer the questions. However, she didn’t get to finish her thoughts. Just as Halsey was struggling to find the right words, someone popped out of a box and scared her. Again—classic Ellen. Halsey handled it all pretty well, given all the elements that were thrown at her at once. LOL.

You distracted me with the boyfriend question,” Halsey claimed after she caught her breath and her heart-rate subsided following the scare prank. “I wasn’t ready. I don’t know what’s scarier, though — having to talk about my boyfriend on TV, or having that happen.” Eyy!! “BOYFRIEND!” Though Halsey seems very reticent to go into any detail about her relationship, she did confirm that he is, in fact, her boyfriend. Aw!

Halsey and the American Horror Story actor were first spotted together a little over a month ago. The two went on an adventure to Six Flags, what an adorable, fun date! They kept things quiet over the next month, but eagle-eyed fans spotted the new couple on another outing on October 22nd. Then, of course, they made things official for everyone to see when they appeared side-by-side as Sonny and Cher.

halsey evan peters Halsey Has A Boyfriend & Thinks Its Scary To Talk About

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Halsey was previously dating Yungblud. It’s not clear the couple called things off but in a since-deleted tweet on October 28th, the singer explained that their breakup “just happened.” There was no cheating or scandal involved.


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