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Hailey Bieber Wears an Oversized Blazer with Ugg Slippers for a Walk Through NYC

New York City—and many other parts of the country—is currently experiencing that awkward time of the year when the weather makes it very tricky to get dressed in the morning. It’s still a little too warm for sweaters, but it’s a bit too cool to go out without a jacket. Right now, it’s all about finding that balance and if you need help doing so, look no further than at Hailey Bieber. The model just stepped out in NYC in a look that one could call an odd, but perfect example of October dressing.

On Friday, Bieber was spotted exiting a building in a nearly all-black ensemble. She layered an oversized Fear of God blazer on top of a Khaite argyle sweater. Pants credits for this look are not applicable, considering the model does not seem to be wearing any. Bieber then topped off the look with a Jacquemus bucket hat, a Saint Laurent bag, and what’s that on her feet? Yup, some light blue Ugg slides.

Now, we have to assume that Bieber was planning to change shoes once she reached her car and before she arrived at whatever destination she is heading toward. Of course, there is a chance she did not, and the Uggs are, in fact, a part of the completed look. The blue adds some color to the otherwise monochromatic outfit, but they do seem like a quixotic choice considering the sleek nature of the rest of the ensemble. That isn’t even mentioning the fact that she is wearing slides outside the house, specifically on the dirty streets of New York. Those are officially outside shoes now, Hailey, don’t try and wear them on the nice carpeted floors of whatever beautifully decorated apartment you are currently staying in.

Source: W Magazine

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