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Hailey Bieber Channels Her Inner Bride In Cut-Out Mini Dress

Much has been said about the LBD. It’s been fashioned for a handful of stars in just about every cut and fabric thinkable—from sheer to tulle. But what about its (albeit, less popular) counterpart, the Little White Dress? Such a piece may be traditionally reserved for nuptials or after Labor Day, but on Wednesday, Hailey Bieber made the case for the style while in New York City.

For date night with Justin, the model hit the Big Apple in a white satin mini dress complete with a variety of asymmetrical details. While the white palette was certainly the focal point of the look, she did accessorize with a few black pieces.

Bieber’s dress followed a fairly simple shape and finished just around her mid-thigh. The faint floral pattern throughout the dress added a unique touch to the seemingly straightforward silhouette. However, it was the cut-out and slit details that made things interesting.

On the left side of her dress, a fairly high slit continued to just around the waist. Things kept on at the front of the piece, too, where two thinner straps connected with the rest of the dress.

Bieber, of course, had to add in her signature accessories—an oversized Bottega Veneta Jodie bag, Gucci sunglasses, and strappy Femme LA heels. While her look was fairly formal, she switched things up earlier in the day with one of her favorite summer staples: denim shorts.

She kept things comfortable for the day outing with Justin in a cropped white t-shirt from Leset and a pair of low-rise jean shorts. The 26-year-old added in some penny loafers, exposed socks, and the same Bottega Veneta bag for good measure. Justin seemed to follow suit, too, wearing his own version of Hailey’s look with baggy purple shorts, sneakers, and a t-shirt.

And while the two often coordinate their looks, Justin appeared decidedly more casual than his wife for their dinner date. Thankfully, he didn’t fully miss Hailey’s white memo—he wore a fitted tank top underneath his zip-up hoodie.

Source: W Magazine

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