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Hailey Baldwin Just Got A Taylor Swift ‘Lover’ Tattoo & Please Explain

So in news that we legit never saw coming, Hailey Baldwin’s Taylor Swift Lover tattoo currently has the internet in shambles. Recently, Hailey was spotted with a fresh tattoo on her neck. Though we were all curious about it, because it was so new, the supermodel had it covered from the paparazzi cameras and our prying eyes.

Now, that tat has been revealed, it’s something we would have never expected. Hailey’s new neck ink spells out “lover” but’s in the EXACT same font that Taylor Swift used in her Lover album. Though Hailey has yet to share the tat herself–celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo shared the fresh ink on his Instagram page.

So normally this wouldn’t raise eyebrows–after all, the cover to Lover is super cute, and so is the font. However, Hailey’s hubby, Justin Bieber got into a very public spat with Taylor Swift over his manager Scooter Braun allegedly bullying her and trying to sabotage her career. Things got so heated between the pair that Taylor basically confirmed Justin’s rampant cheating on his former girlfriend, Selena Gomez. At the time–Hailey staunchly and very publically defended her husband.

Therefore, everyone is confused AF as to why Hailey got this Taylor Swift-esque Lover tat.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram
Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

One Twitter user pondered, “hailey baldwin got “Lover” tattooed and maybe it’s not because of Lover by Taylor but the font is literally almost the same i don’t know what to do with this information.” Another said, “do NOT tell me hailey biebers “lover” tattoo is inspired by taylor’s song..”

Other comments under Dr. Woo’s post were–

Buy and stream Lover by Taylor Swift

Interesting choice since she came for our girl @taylorswift

Big fan of @taylorswift ?

Is this some how scooter, biebs, Taylor related?

Maybe she just thought it looked cute.

*Kanye shrug*


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