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Hailey Baldwin Called ‘Tone-Deaf’ for Comment About Not Working for Money

As the daughter of Stephen and Kennya Baldwin, Hailey Baldwin comes from wealth and a famous family. But some believe that her privilege has made her “tone-deaf” and “ignorant” to what it means to work for one’s own money.

The 21-year-old model was recently interviewed by Coveteur where she talked about her partnership with bareMinerals and how her life and career has changed in her past half-year. “My life has changed so much in the last six months, I’m trying to align myself with things that make sense for my life going forward, so taking it a day at a time,” Baldwin said. “I think it’s about finding things that can make a difference. Things that are family-oriented, that have the same kind of beliefs and standards that I do, and things that are fun and cool that I’m passionate about.”

Baldwin explained that she now chooses work based on what makes her happy, rather than money. “I don’t ever want to go forward in life and do things just to do things. Or do things for money. Or do things that don’t actually make me happy,” Baldwin said. “I think it’s a big thing, you’ve got to love what you do.

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However, not everyone was a fan of Baldwin’s advice. A week after the interview, Coveteur posted Baldwin’s comment on its Instagram, where it was met with ire from commenters who believe that Baldwin failed to acknowledge her privilege and spoke “like a rich person.” Several comments included:

“How nice it must be to have the privilege to choose not to do those things.”

“Get real, every contract she ever got was because of her friends & family network. To talk this bullshit about choosing happy fairytales over earning a living is an insult to every single woman who works her ass off & made it on her own.”

“Being born into a well connected & rich family is such an accomplishment! 🙄 I’m so glad this is the new face of female empowerment for all us regular working girls 😂

“Spoken by someone with so much privilege, they literally never have to think about, let alone worry/work for money. 🙄

“Quote doesn’t resonate so well from someone with such privilege.”

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As of yet, Baldwin hasn’t responded to the controversy. StyleCaster reached out to representatives for Baldwin for comment.


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