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Gigi Hadid Has Officially Arrived at Paris Fashion Week Wearing a Seriously Unique Jacket

Not only does Paris Fashion Week bring incredible runway outfits (obviously), but I get to see all my favorite—and most stylish—celebrities rock their best street style. Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020 is just getting underway, but our girl Gigi Hadid has officially arrived (and is officially already a street style icon). Seriously, PFW has just started, but the model is already working it on the streets and on the runway. Gigi Hadid’s Paris Fashion Week Spring 2020 street style has truly started off on a high note with a seriously unique ensemble. Hadid stepped out of her Paris hotel on Monday night wearing a jacket you couldn’t miss even if you tried.

Gigi Hadid always seems to surprise me with her street style. I can never pinpoint exactly what her “aesthetic” is, because she wears so many different types of looks. This most recent outfit from Gigi Hadid, though, is really something I never saw coming. The model took a stroll in an all-black ensemble paired with a green jacket covered in—wait for it—red cars. You know those play mats that toddlers have so they don’t hurt themselves on the floor or carpet? This is like the sartorial equivalent of that (but I’m kind of into it).

Gigi Hadid

Philippe Blet/Shutterstock.

The entire look is a little bit Norman Rockwell meets high fashion street style meets my brother’s old Hot Wheels toys. It’s definitely unexpected, but that’s what I love about the ensemble most. Gigi Hadid never fails to show up in something that gets me talking. Plus, the model paired the jacket with red By Helena Bordon “Nolita” sunglasses, and I have to stan anyone who wears sunglasses at night—especially when those sunglasses are ultra chic. Once again, Gigi Hadid’s street style is something I never saw coming, but love with all my heart. I can’t wait to see what she wears for the remainder of Paris Fashion Week.


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