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Folks on Twitter Are Drooling Over Harry Styles Haircut BTS of His New Movie

While there are of course more important things to think about today than these extremely gorgeous Harry Styles’ haircut photos, we think you could use a little self-care today. Yes, that’s in the form of Styles’ perfect head of hair that’s been cut and styled for his new movie, Don’t Worry, Darling. He’s in Los Angeles getting Covid-19 tested and shooting the film along with Florence Pugh and directed by Olivia Wilde.

What’s usually messy and wavy is now straightened, parted to the side and slicked back. Being the lovable Harry Styles, he didn’t just show off that perfectly styled hair. What’s usually messy and wavy is now straightened, parted to the side and slicked back. At the same time, he also encouraged fans to vote with a chic white T-shirt and that reads “VOTE” down the back. Although Styles isn’t an American citizen so he can’t vote in this election, he made it clear on Twitter he would “vote with kindness” for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

But Twitter being Twitter means fans are losing over Styles’ hair more than anything right now. “I cannot even express in words how badly I wanna run my fingers through his hair,” wrote on stan.

“ATTENTION… this is Harry styles’ best hair idc argue with the wall. Short hair stans it’s our time to shine,” wrote another. Did you know the singer had short hair stans? We didn’t either.

Head over to Hollywood Life to see the full photos and do like Harry says and vote for kindness today. It’s your last chance to make your voice heard and no matter what anyone tells you, your vote does matter.

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