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February Horoscope 2024: the 5 Signs Facing Big Changes This Month

— Illustration by Ashley Peña

After navigating intense astrological energies in recent months, February brings refreshing changes that might spur some personal growth. Following Pluto’s move into Aquarius, we’re being treated to the alignment of Mercury, Mars, and Venus in Aquarius, along with an early month new moon in the same sign. Yes, you heard that right: five planets and a lunation in Aquarius, creating a cosmic rendezvous like a Weird Barbie convention happening this February.

Mercury’s shift into Aquarius on the 5th brings a change in our mental focus and connections. We might feel drawn to humanitarian efforts and authentic social connections, making it an opportune time to strategize and collaborate on our long-term goals.

The new moon on the 9th will come suddenly, evoking the feeling of being called on to introduce yourself on the first day of high school. It’s a bit awkward as our individual ego realizes its role in the collective. Our conscious and subconscious push us to nurture our duty to ourselves and others, supporting each other to thrive. Embrace change and find healing solutions that will benefit all.

Mars and Venus both move into Aquarius on the 13th and 16th respectively, shifting our passions and drive. Mars urges us to actively pursue our dreams with the support of others, but beware of sporadic energy that can lead to accidents. Venus fosters beautiful relationships, prompting us to consider how we hold space for others and let them support us. Get messy with creativity—Venus in Aquarius encourages raw and unfiltered expression, acknowledging the need for updates in our existence.

Lastly, the full moon in Virgo on the 24th brings tension, sparking awareness of our responsibilities to ourselves and others. Embrace the analytical energy of Virgo, addressing what surfaces without letting fear or anxiety hold you back. Even if it’s scary, this full moon brings a sense of release through understanding that optimism comes from keeping the faith. So, have faith and don’t shy away from what’s needed to heal.

For a comprehensive outlook on the entire month, check your rising, sun, and moon signs. Happy navigating through the cosmic waves!


February continues the trend of self-actualization and healing for you, Aries. It’s a fantastic month for reconnecting with your dreams and shedding any fears that might be holding you back. Indulge in activities that signal to the universe you’re prepared for positive change. Whether it’s dancing if you aspire to be a dancer or spending more quality time with family by cooking for them, take actions that align with your desires.

Staying connected to your community is crucial. Your ruling planet, Mars, is urging you to adapt your habits and collaborate with others. Ensure that those around you support your evolution and growth. This month is all about stepping into your aspirations and creating a supportive environment for your journey.


This month, you’ll be making strategic moves and securing the bag. February holds the potential for significant developments in your career. With numerous planets and the new moon in Aquarius illuminating your professional realm, it’s time to take action. Now that the post-holiday slump is in the rearview mirror, what are your plans and aspirations?

The Aquarian energy in the celestial sphere will assist you in reshaping your perspective by aligning your professional support systems with your goals. However, exercise caution and avoid leaping blindly. While it’s an opportune time for a job change, a potential promotion, or even launching a small business, ensure that the steps you take lead you closer to your long-term dreams, not just a fleeting satisfaction.


February promises to be a time of expression and celebration for you. Embrace your natural curiosity and revel in being the mental sponge that you are. Consider ways to tap into your inquisitive spirit—perhaps by staying updated with the news or exploring a new podcast that alights your current passions.

With your ruling planet, Mercury, spending most of the month in Aquarius, take inspiration from the Aquarian approach: be true to yourself and embrace innovation in navigating life. While the full moon might bring a touch of discomfort, remember that identifying wounds and ailments is the first step to healing. This month is a reminder that experiences shape our understanding of the world and ourselves. Even if the journey is painful, each lesson contributes to your growth. If you welcome insights about yourself and what is necessary for your development, this month will breeze by smoothly.


Although Pluto has moved out of your sister sign, the journey of healing and transformation continues for you. This month holds the potential for profound changes. As a moon-ruled individual, the influence of both the new and full moon is always a bit more pronounced for you.

The new moon in Aquarius is nudging you to grow beyond the limitations your fears may impose. Meanwhile, the full moon is shedding light on mental obstacles that might hinder your connection with yourself and others. Feel free to communicate your needs, whether it’s for more support or establishing boundaries.

Don’t let the daily chaos deter you from evolution. Embrace this transformative energy and use it to propel yourself forward.


This month, relationships take center stage. When there’s a surge of Aquarius energy in the celestial realm, it’s a call to delve into your connections with others. And no, this doesn’t necessarily mean setting up a kissing booth (though, if you fancy it, why not?). It’s more about focusing on how you hold space in your relationships. The individuals you choose to spend time with in February have the potential to significantly influence your journey toward your dreams, but you need to open up to them.

Plant the seeds of collaboration and connection this month, and watch them flourish throughout the year. However, be cautious of unexpected outbursts or arguments—the Aquarius energy can be a bit unpredictable at times. As someone ruled by the sun—and with the sun transitioning from Aquarius to Pisces this month—it’s crucial to hone in on these relationships for your growth and success.


Virgo, you might be feeling a surge of motivation to pull your life together. As a Mercury-ruled individual, your mind is often buzzing with various responsibilities and tasks. However, this month, the spotlight shifts to your work and health. It’s high time to kick those detrimental habits to the curb and prioritize your well-being.

The full moon in your sign could bring some tension, as you may realize you can be your own worst enemy. This lunar event might serve as a wake-up call. Just like the airplane safety reminder advises you to put on your oxygen mask first, remember to prioritize yourself and your needs. Taking care of yourself is the key to operating at your optimal level, ensuring you shine at your brightest.


Libra, it’s wonderful that you embody the spirit of love, especially with Valentine’s Day in February, because this month is poised to be filled with love and passion for you! Since you are governed by Venus, you’ll feel compelled to ensure that you’re fostering connections and creating beautiful, pleasing experiences. This inclination stems from your personal passions, which truly allow you to shine. There’s even the possibility of a romantic encounter that sets your heart aflutter.

During the new moon, be open to meeting a new love interest or infusing excitement into an existing relationship. Embrace the opportunity to socialize and have a good time. Whether love is a fleeting moment, a year-long affair, or a lifelong commitment, savoring the passion is crucial. Allow yourself to be fully immersed in the present and relish that enchanting feeling. Utilize this month to discover better ways to consistently enjoy your existence.


In February, you might notice a shift toward slowing down and spending more time at home. This redirection of focus to your home and family is crucial, as it reconnects you with the most sacred spaces and people in your life. When it comes to interactions, I always emphasize the importance of intention—making sure we’re not just going through the motions or checking a box.

At times, it’s easy to slip into a routine in our homes and with our families because of familiarity. This month presents an opportunity to ensure you’re not just a couch potato—instead, you’re actively living in your space and appreciating the unique contributions you and your loved ones bring to the table. Give your loved ones a hug, and don’t forget to sprinkle some tender loving care into your sanctuary.


Sagittarius, your recent past has been all about crafting better routines and habits—and guess what? The focus on your daily life continues into this month. If anything, while you’ve previously been nudged to examine your work and health on a daily scale, now it’s time to delve into your scheduling and those small, everyday activities.

Have you been hitting the snooze button too often or spending an eternity rearranging your fridge? February calls for a closer look at how you’re allocating your time, connecting the dots rather than seeing them as a chaotic mess on the page. As a Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, you’re naturally drawn to the big picture. Take a moment to step back and assess the broader perspective, so that when you zoom in on the smaller details, you can efficiently conquer the tasks at hand.


As February rolls in, it’s time to zoom in on one of your favorite topics—money! There’s a chance for unexpected financial gains or even some delightful gifts, but remember to spread the good vibes. I get it—not every Capricorn is solely motivated by money, but this month offers you the chance to reflect on what you have and what truly matters to you.

While material possessions are nice and can reflect status and achievement, I urge you not to chase things just for the sake of owning them. Ensure that your pursuits align with your dreams and contribute to living the life you envision. Your ruling planet, Saturn, remains in Pisces, emphasizing the importance of letting go of control and ensuring that your actions align with your purpose rather than feeding your ego.


How’s the vibe with Pluto settling into your sign? No need to stress—Pluto will be hanging out in Aquarius for a good stretch, so if the transformation isn’t hitting you just yet, rest assured, it’s on the horizon. Right now, the spotlight is on you, and February is your time to revel in it.

As an Aquarius, you’ve got a solid grasp on your unique qualities—and this month is all about celebrating them. The sun is not alone in gracing your sign; Mercury, Venus, and Mars are also in the mix, pushing you to the forefront. Perhaps it’s a good moment for a wardrobe refresh or a new haircut. Maybe it’s time to step into the real world and claim your space.

Whatever it may be, let yourself sparkle and be noticed throughout February. Big changes are in store for you, so buckle up for the ride of your life!


Pisces, you’ve been on quite a journey in the past year. Since Saturn entered your sign last March, it has been a period of significant growth and maturation. Now, as Pisces season approaches, there’s a need for closure on certain chapters of your life.

Take some time in February to engage in one of your favorite activities: reflection. Reflect on the challenges you’ve faced over the past year and the lessons that came with them. Dive into understanding the core of your being. Explore the fears that either propelled you toward growth or held you back from seizing opportunities.

This month is all about looking back and acknowledging the past without clinging to it. Picture it like the ending of the movie Inside Out, where Sadness momentarily takes over for Joy, and memories turn a bit blue. While it might be challenging to move on, there’s an opportunity to appreciate the past in a new light, paving the way for a healing future.

Source: W Magazine

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