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Fans Are Convinced Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams’ Girls Trip Was A Bachelorette Party

Game of Thrones may be over but this friendship is forever. The on-screen sisters jetted off to Spain and it has fans thinking this girls trip was Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner’s bachelorette celebration. The newest Mrs. Jonas has confirmed that there will be a second wedding (likely in France) between her and hubby, Joe Jonas. The couple tied the knot in a seemingly impromptu Las Vegas wedding—though we now know it was pre-planned—but still want their big celebration too. And for Turner, that means she had to follow through with having Williams as her bridesmaid, right? We imagine Williams must’ve known about the chapel wedding, but at the time, we were shocked that Turner could’ve let her bestie down like that. Plus we’ve been counting on some killer bride and bridesmaids looks from the Winterfell duo and friends.

Turner and Williams, along with a lot of close pals, flew to Spain. While there has been no official confirmation that this was, in fact, Turner’s bachelorette party pre-second wedding ceremony, the evidence is pretty convincing. The photo of all the girls in front of the jet definitely looks like bachelorette content to us. Williams then reposted a pic of herself and the ladies ready for their trip abroad on-board. Then there was the ~classic~ spa shot in matching! robes! (~classic bachelorette~).

Also—as Cosmopolitan pointed out—Turner was seen rocking a “bride-to-be” sash while attending a Jonas Brother’s concert earlier in the weekend. So it’s very possible that was just the start of pre-wedding (er…post-wedding?) festivities. Hopefully, we get some confirmation soon on Turner’s status—has she been bachelorette-ed or not? And also, should we make that a verb? LMK.

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And just for more confirmation that this Spain excursion was likely her bachelorette party—hubby Joe Jonas just celebrated his Bachelor party in Ibiza last month. Spain seems to be the destination of choice for these newlyweds-soon-to-be-um-newlyweds.


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