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Even Coachtopia Can't Resist the Pull of Bows

Coachtopia Ergo Bag with Bows, $250, available here.

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The Ergo bag has been a hit since Coachtopia’s inception. It’s become a signature of the brand, which launched almost a year ago under the Tapestry umbrella, the shape pulled from the Coach archives (hence its minimal ’90s sensibility) and continuously reimagined with new colors and patterns. 

Among its latest updates are some bow-adorned Ergos that are extremely of-the-moment. The one that caught my eye boasts ribbons all over (I’m only human), but it’ll come as no surprise that it’s been sold out. However, that roadblock led me to a more classic creamy version, with a black bow at each base of the handle that feels even more perfect.

This bag is, objectively, very cute. But truly, I’ve been drawn to the brand overall for months now because of the values upon which it’s built. (You can read more about how Coach is using it to test-drive and incorporate circularity into its business here.) Each element of this Ergo is made up at least in part of recycled or regenerative materials: The pebbled shell, handle and leather lining are at least 50% recycled leather scraps; the binding is regenerative leather; the hangtag is 70% recycled acrylic plastic and the bows are repurposed polyester. Coachtopia also offers a take-back-forever program, hoping to extend the lifespan of any product it makes, plus repair services.

And, again, HOW CUTE IS IT? 

Coachtopia Ergo Bag with Bows, $250, available here.

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