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eos’ New Vampire Kiss Lip Balm is More Than Meets the Eye: EXCLUSIVE

Come little children (and fellow lip balm addicts): something wicked good this way comes and I promise you’ll want to use it past October. eos’ lip lab has been serving micro batches of limited-edition lip balms all year and the latest, aptly labeled Vampire Kiss, is a right-on-time homage to Halloween. I got a sneak peek and can confirm it also tastes good enough to eat, though I highly recommend keeping the magic on your lips.

I’ll admit this is my favorite micro batch to date and it’s not just because the balm tastes like dessert. In case you missed it, the previous two were Moisture Hit, a duo of hemp-infused balms released on 4/20, and Sprinkle Donut, a tasty vanilla-infused balm released on National Donut Day (June 6). What separates Vampire Kiss from the others are two things: a magical color-changing technology and the flavor.

eos micro batch 1 eos New Vampire Kiss Lip Balm is More Than Meets the Eye: EXCLUSIVE


The balm itself is black, but actually goes on clear and settles into a sheer berry tint. The change is gradual and the final shade really depends on the person’s lip chemistry. For instance, I got this barely-there red; something like what happens after you’ve just finished a cherry popsicle. Someone else may get a deeper shade; that’s the fun (and mystery) of it all.

eos micro batch 4 eos New Vampire Kiss Lip Balm is More Than Meets the Eye: EXCLUSIVE

Nikki Brown.

Personally, I love that it matches my minimalist vibe, but when I applied more later in the day, the berry stain looked a bit bolder, which I totally didn’t mind.

According to eos’ CMO, Soyoung Kang, the technology is pH-responsive and moisture-activated, which again, delivers a shade that really depends on the person’s natural lip tone and moisture levels. “Most color-change lip products on the market are formulated as a lipstick, and use ingredients that can be very drying to delicate lip skin,” she told me. “In contrast, Vampire Kiss provides great custom color plus 24 hours of moisture for unbeatable hydration.”

And of course, eos’ signature feel and lasting wear haven’t been sacrificed, thanks to ingredients that are natural and sustainably-sourced. This one is a seriously tasty blend of crushed blackberry, raspberry jam and black cherry notes that’ll have you licking your lips all day. And if you’re worried about irritation, this micro batch, like every other eos balm, is derma-tested and hypoallergenic.

eos micro batch 3 eos New Vampire Kiss Lip Balm is More Than Meets the Eye: EXCLUSIVE


Mark your spooky szn calendar for October 16 when the Vampire Kiss Lip Balm ($4.99) launches on the eos website while supplies last. As for when the next micro batch drops…it’s top secret. “We can share that our lip lab has been very busy experimenting and we have some exciting innovation in store for our fans,” shares Kang. “Anyone who follows us on social or joins our email list will be the first to know!”

Until then, time to get vampy.


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