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Empowering AAPI Voices: Highlighting Asian-Led Brands

In celebration of AAPI month, we highlight a few outstanding brands that are owned and operated by Asian entrepreneurs, bringing a unique perspective and commitment to celebrating the diversity and vitality of AAPI heritage.

AMIRO: Pioneers in the beauty tech industry, founded in 2015 by Nianou Wang Ph.D., AMIRO has been dedicated to delivering joy and harmony through its technologically advanced beauty and personal care electronic products. Amiro’s innovative skincare devices offer the perfect blend of technology and self-care.

AMIRO R3 Turbo Facial RF Skin Tightening Device

Velvet PR for AMIRO

AMIRO R3 Turbo Facial RF Skin Tightening Device (now $389.99), This groundbreaking product represents a quantum leap in at-home skincare solutions, combining cutting-edge technology with unmatched efficacy to revolutionize the way individuals care for their skin.

Arrosé: Founded in New York City by an Asian duo, Arrosé is more than a homeware brand; it is a curator of the art of living. With a unique blend of past and future aesthetics and techniques, we thrive on creativity, resilience, and innovation. At Arrosé, we are committed to crafting pieces that defy conventional norms, challenging the status quo of interior design. Each creation transcends mere aesthetics, symbolizing our relentless pursuit of individuality within any interior space.

Porcelain Tea Pot

Velvet PR for Arrosé

Porcelain Tea Pot ($2180): a central piece of our Tea Service Collection. This premium teapot, boasting a deconstructive form with an exquisite platinum and titanium alloy plate, redefines the elegance of tea time. Its striking design, complete with a matching lid, radiates sophistication and style.

WÀNGDA: A cutting-edge brand founded in 2023 by Chinese designer Wangda Chen. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and elegance, WÀNGDA sets a new standard in the industry, seamlessly blending the clean lines of men’s tailoring with the fluid silhouettes of women’s fashion to create a collection that transcends mere clothing—it embodies a profound narrative of individuality and empowerment.

Betty Heart-Shaped Corset Grey

Velvet PR for WÀNGDA

– Betty Heart-Shaped Corset Grey ($275), twelve separate pieces sewed into one single corset. Exceptional fit on the body. Four flat buttons center front, top stitches all over the body, adjustable 1/4” shoulder straps, back zipper closure, entirely fused body for a profound texture.

Amihan New York: AMIHAN is a slow-fashion label, designed by Nadine Silvestre and produced in New York City, dedicated to curating a capsule wardrobe for the feminine figure. At the heart of AMIHAN lies the commitment to sustainability and craftsmanship. Their line of eco-conscious fashion speaks to the elegance and grace of motherhood.

Madalina Cutout Dress

Velvet PR for Amihan New York

– Introducing the Madalina Cutout Dress ($350) from Amihan New York – This dress redefines elegance and comfort with its slimming long-sleeve design, waist-level cut-out, and flowy, feminine fit. Made from an organic cotton and bamboo blend, it’s perfect for all seasons. Whether styled casually with boots or dressed up with heels, the Madalina is a must-have statement piece.

7or9: Born from the passion of two Chinese women Deng Juan and Wang Huan who were relentless in their pursuit of the perfect balance between beauty and comfort in high heels, committed to using the unique technology of Air-touch foam high-heeled shoes, which provides a cloud-like experience, allowing women to walk freely without sacrificing their fashion style.

Truffle 4.0 Air-touch Foam

Velvet PR for 7or9

– Truffle 4.0 Air-touch Foam ($209), subtly updated with a softer pointed toe and modern 70mm stiletto hee this black suede pair is appealingly versatile and coupled with a pointed-toed silhouette that will elongate your frame. Lend a note of sophistication to any look you choose.

PROD, the Chicago-based fashion brand, has made a significant mark since its inception in 2015, seamlessly blending elements of past and present to create unique fashion statements. Founded by Erica, whose passion for creative expression and bold styles quickly resonated on social media, PROD represents more than just a clothing line; it embodies a lifestyle that celebrates individuality and freedom. Drawing from the rich tapestry of the 80s, 90s, and Y2K fashion, PROD’s collections are a tribute to those iconic eras, reimagined with contemporary flair.

The Lace Hollow Out Hole Knitted Hooded Cardigan

Velvet PR for PROD

– The Lace Hollow Out Hole Knitted Hooded Cardigan, priced at $47.00, is a perfect blend of vintage inspiration and contemporary style. Crafted from 90% nylon and 10% spandex, this cardigan offers both comfort and flexibility. Its intricate lace design and hollow-out detailing create a delicate yet edgy look, while the hood adds a modern twist.

NEIWAI, a premium lifestyle brand founded by Xiaolu Liu, embodies the belief that comfort, style, and sustainability can coexist harmoniously. Inspired by her mother’s three-decade tenure in the underwear industry, Xiaolu Liu is committed to creating high-quality, comfortable underwear that empowers women of all shapes and sizes. With a dedication to real comfort, support, and style, NEIWAI represents a fusion of heritage, innovation, and inclusivity, celebrating the diverse identities within the AAPI community and beyond.

NEIWAI’s Shimmer Plunge Bra

Velvet PR for NEIWAI

– Priced at $68.00, NEIWAI’s Shimmer Plunge Bra epitomizes the brand’s commitment to redefining comfort and style. Featuring a deep V-neck and an innovative pattern of silicone support strips, this bra lifts and shapes without the constraints of underwire. Whether worn under a formal ensemble or your favorite everyday attire, this bra provides the perfect combination of support and elegance, ensuring you feel empowered throughout the day.

By spotlighting these brands, we aim to amplify their narratives and celebrate the rich history, culture, and invaluable contributions of AAPI communities.


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