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Emma Watson & Tom Felton Are Vacationing Together In South Africa So Obviously It’s Dramione Forever

Listen we’ve been waiting for this day since 2001 and it’s finally here. This Emma Watson and Tom Felton relationship clue photo just delighted us to the very bottom of our Harry Potter lovin’ hearts. So if you’re a muggle or a squib–we’ll catch you up. In the Harry Potter film franchise, Emma played the legendary and badass Hermonie Granger who basically saved Harry from himself. Tom played the devious and very blond Draco Malfoy who made Hermonie’s life a living hell.

For reasons that she’s since apologized for–scribe J.K. Rowling put Hermonie and Ron Weasley together in the end (spoiler?). Hermonie with literally anyone else–including Draco would have been much more iconic–but Madame Rowling can do whatever she wants. Still, fans have been obsessed with Draco and Herminie aka Draminoe for years. And now–it may legit be happening IRL.

Tom recently posted a photo of himself and Emma looking super cozy in pajamas in South Africa. In the photo, the Beauty and the Beast star is holding a guitar while Tom seems to be showing her the notes.

Excuse us! We need some context for this photo. How did this happen? What is going on? Are these two still just friends? Sadly, Tom is not about to spill any tea. He simply captioned the photo, “Quick learner, x.”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram


Clearly, fans (including us) are in shambles. One fan commented, “This a gift for everybody who loves Dramione and believes in Feltson ❤” Another said, “My Dramione fanfic that I wrote when I was 12 entered the chat.”

What a time.



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