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Emily Schuman Just Schooled Us All on Dressing Like a Boss

With so many offices—save, say, Wall Street banking—becoming more casual in their dress codes, figuring out a boss ensemble that’s not too serious, but also not too casual can be a daunting task. (Like, how do I elevate a blazer and jeans?! IDK!) Swooping in like a CEO superhero, though, Emily Schuman’s outfit for the #BlogHerHealth19 conference showed us all how to dress like a seriously stylish boss lady.

The creator of the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere gave us a lesson in CEO style, perfect for the office, a conference or an interview. Schuman documented her BlogHer conference-ready look through a series of stories on her Instagram. Clothing-wise, she rocked a white tee, a super cute light blazer, Gucci bag (so boss), black pants and nude heels (which, she noted, will be available soon in the Cupcakes and Cashmere shop). The whole ensemble was basically boss bitch goals.

img 9582 Emily Schuman Just Schooled Us All on Dressing Like a Boss


img 9581 Emily Schuman Just Schooled Us All on Dressing Like a Boss


What definitely amplified the CEO power of this outfit, though, was the jewelry. Schuman wore two diamond necklaces—such a boss move—and multiple earrings. She linked to every single piece via her Instagram story, and all of them are available in her Cupcakes and Cashmere shop. Wearing jewelry from your own business to show people how to wear it? Genius. Pure marketing genius.

And, in case you noticed how flawless Schuman’s face looks, she gave us all the details of her makeup routine. (This CEO really knows how to use Instagram stories to their full potential.) Schuman used a Kevyn Aucoin eyeshadow palette in “magnify” along with a Laura Mercier eyeliner in “plum”. The purple-y makeup gave the blogger a professional but fun look that we’re definitely going to steal.

file Emily Schuman Just Schooled Us All on Dressing Like a Boss


Seriously, we’d like to personally thank Schuman for taking the time to document how she makes herself look like the boss lady she is. While she looks incredible, it’s important to remember that she didn’t just #wakeuplikethis, and she’s graciously transparent about it. On the stage at #BlogHerHealth19, Schuman shared her thoughts on the pressures of social media. “As an influencer, there’s a certain amount of responsibility that I have to be candid and open about what’s really happening in my life. On my feed, I try to make things really curated and beautiful. People think, ‘oh wow she has it all together’, but the reality is that I don’t. No one really does.”

emilyschuman Emily Schuman Just Schooled Us All on Dressing Like a Boss


It may surprise you to hear that a style savant like Schuman doesn’t actually live a life of polished perfection, but she says her career can actually magnify the potential for comparison. “I think there’s this notion that if you work in this space and you have influence, that you are somehow immune to feeling thoughts of inadequacy or feeling jealous or comparing yourself to others. In ways, it’s even exacerbated,” she said. “But every time I start feeling yucky about it, I put my phone down. When my phone is down, I can focus on the things that really matter, like my friends and family, and just be present.”

A lesson in chic conference garb and managing negative emotions? Thank you, Emily.


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