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Emily Blunt’s Braided Trench Coat Is Literally Cuter Than I Am

The world has been blessed with so many cute things: puppies napping, bunnies eating lettuce, toddlers trying to dance, me. As cute as all these things are, everything (and everyone…ahem, me) pales in comparison to one single perfect coat. Thursday night, Emily Blunt wore a braided trench coat that is literally cuter than I am—and that’s saying a lot.

The star of Mary Poppins Returns arrived to New York’s Feinsteins/54 Below stunning us all in a chic camel trench coat with trim that’s braided to perfection. Underneath, Blunt wore head-to-toe olive green, accessorizing the look with a red purse. (Seriously, only Emily Blunt could wear red and green together and not look like a Christmas mishap.) Her blonde hair was effortlessly wavy, and her lips, a classic red. It’s the kind of outfit that says, “Yes, I do look flawless—thanks for noticing.”

gettyimages 1080631214 Emily Blunts Braided Trench Coat Is Literally Cuter Than I Am

James Devaney/GC Images.

But let’s be real, people. The star of the ensemble is that wool trench coat. Not only is the camel color so rich I could mistake it for a soft and chewy caramel, but the embroidery design is perfect. It honestly reminds me a little bit of the details on a gingerbread house. (Am I just really hungry right now?) The whole thing is whimsical without being over-the-top—much like Mary Poppins’ classic style.

And can we please talk about the sleeves on this coat?! I love a classic wide-sleeve, but this takes it to the next level. Sure, Emily Blunt’s forearms might get cold, but who cares, right? This coat is worth risking frostbite. Plus, the ties on the sleeves match the embroidering on the front of the coat, so it all folds together seamlessly. Someone call Dr. Phil, because I am in love with a piece of clothing.

gettyimages 1080653656 Emily Blunts Braided Trench Coat Is Literally Cuter Than I Am

James Devaney/GC Images.

In the end, the camel trench coat has an advantage by being worn by Emily Blunt. It may be cuter than I am, but it’s not cuter than the actress herself. Just like Mary Poppins, Blunt is practically perfect in every way.


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