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Emilia Clarke’s Emmys Dress Is Super Sexy—And Has POCKETS

Although I only ever watched season one of Game of Thrones (No one @ me!!!), you better believe I love the one and only Daenerys—played, of course, by Emilia Clarke. So, maybe I have no idea what happens with her and her dragon babies, but I can still be a huge fan of the actress who plays the most badass mother of all time. And frankly, Emilia Clarke’s 2019 Emmy’s look is making me love her even more. Daenerys who? There’s a new mother in town: the mother of fashion, darling. And her name is Queen Emilia Clarke. Dressed in a gorgeous navy blue gown, Clarke came to the Emmy’s ready to receive a damn award—whether it be for her role in Game of Thrones or for her impeccable style.

STYLECASTER | Emilia Clarke


The actress stepped out onto the red carpet in a stunning plunging gown that has truly left me breathless. I’ve seen several of Emilia Clarke’s previous red carpet looks, but this one has all my attention. The waist-tie detailing and the rich blue color are completely swoon-worthy. Can there be an Emmys category for best dressed at the actual awards? Because I feel like Emilia Clarke might win it.

Not only was Clarke’s dress gorgeous, but her accessories were seriously on point. The actress donned a gorgeous, colorful pair of crystal-embellished earrings. I feel truly blessed by the mother of dragons right now.

STYLECASTER | Emilia Clarke


Emilia Clarke is nominated for Lead Actress in a Drama Series for—obviously—her role as Daenerys in Game of Thrones. Since the show has officially ended, this will be the last time these GOT stars will be able to win (other than those in upcoming spin-offs!), so we are cheering! them! on! I know this isn’t the last we’ll see of Emilia Clarke. I’d bet dragon eggs on it. (Sorry if that’s not a thing.)


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