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Dua Lipa’s Loofah Top Proves She Really Does Look Good in Anything

Guys, I love Dua Lipa so much. She consistently blesses us with bops to dance around the house to, break-up anthems and relatable content. (TBT to when she posted a photo of herself zipped all the way up in a puffer coat with the caption “it’s chilly fam”. Like, I felt that.) So, when Dua Lipa wore a glorified loofah outfit, I took it as an opportunity to appreciate how the singer can seriously pull off anything.

We’ve all had them hanging in our showers at one point or another. But the loofah, a hotbed for micro-bacteria, is something most people don’t use to bathe anymore. So why not take it and make it into a top? On Thursday, Dua Lipa uploaded several photos to Instagram wearing a top that legitimately looks like a giant loofah wrapped around her. OK, so some may see it as a frilly tube-top, but think creatively, people! Dua Lipa paired the green and white polka-dot loofah top (yeah, I’m sticking with this) with high-waisted, wide-leg pants. The pants—which feature a racing stripe and ruffles down each leg—were the perfect contrast to Lipa’s frilly (loofah) top. Don’t come for me on this one. Like I said, Dua Lipa can wear anything and look amazing.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

In addition to base of the ensemble, Dua Lipa did a killer job with accessorizing. She wore super chic white wishbone-esque earrings plus carried a perfectly dramatic sequined bag and neon yellow sunnies. I mean, can she get any cooler? Dua Lipa could wear one of the dancing lobster costumes from the ’90s Nickelodeon classic The Amanda Show, and I’d consider it fashion.

Lipa is slated to perform on Sunday at the Grammy Awards with St. Vincent. The singer is also nominated for two different awards, and I seriously hope she wins both, plus some for which she’s not even nominated. Have I really become a Dua Lipa stan? The answer is yes, I really have.


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