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Dua Lipa Just Wore the Chic ’90s Trend You’re About to See Everywhere

In case you’ve been living under a rock when it comes to fashion trends, the ’90s are back (and have been back for a while now). Each season, it seems we’re gifted with another retro-inspired look that suddenly pops up in all our favorite retailers—and Dua Lipa might have just predicted the next trend to come. On the ARIA Music Awards red carpet, Dua Lipa blessed us all with a majorly ’90s ensemble we’re probably about to see everywhere soon. The cast of Clueless called, and they want to let us know they approve of this look.

Dua Lipa


I mean, could anything be more ’90s than a mini dress featuring majorly feathered details? As if! Dua Lipa’s red carpet ensemble would do Cher Horowitz proud. The entire wardrobe of Clueless is slowly coming back into style one piece at a time, and this feathered mini dress situation is the latest addition to 2019’s ’90s obsession. Dua Lipa even added polka dot tights and platform heels to really get the full ’90s effect—and it’s totally working. Suddenly, I feel like calling someone on my car phone as I drive to the mall.



I’d also like to take a moment of silence to fully appreciate Dua Lipa’s sparkly makeup look. Glitter is a trend and a half this season, but I haven’t seen it used quite so perfectly as an eyeshadow alternative. Part ’90s glam, part Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, part holiday party vibes—full perfection. Plus, the addition of the hot pink nail just really seals the sartorial deal on this red carpet ensemble.

Dua Lipa


Leave it to Dua Lipa to predict yet another chic ’90s trend. I’ll follow wherever this talented pop singer and sartorial queen lead me—even if it’s 25 years into the past.

Dua Lipa



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