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Drake Is Launching A Mysterious Scented Candle Brand

Drake is a man with exquisite and very specific taste. When he’s not commissioning a blue diamond-encrusted iPhone case or admiring his son Adonis’ wunderkind painting skills, he also hawks affordable athleisure wear under his label October’s Very Own, or OVO. Now, Drake is unveiling his newest stylistic venture, a scented candle brand called Better World Fragrance House, and true to his Scorpio zodiac sign, it’s very mysterious and dark and kind of sexy.

On Instagram, Better World Fragrance launched its social media presence. At press time, there are just three posts, and none of them clearly elaborate on what the candles will look like, how they will smell, and how much they’ll cost. Instead, Drake is giving us amorphous videos with a voiceovers that speak in perfume platitudes like “Scent is extremely powerful. It can change your immediate surroundings and make your world so much better.”

Another post offered slightly more information. It seems that the initial launch will consist of five fragrances: Carby Musk⁠, Williamsburg Sleepover, ⁠Sweeter Tings, ⁠Good Thoughts⁠, and Muskoka. The brand will open up shop on May 9, though that is the extent of what we know so far.

Still, allowing our minds to imagine for a moment seems to be what Drake is asking us to do. So let’s indulge him. Williamsburg Sleepover? We can only imagine the smell of cheap beer, too much Santal 33, and a DIY venue that hasn’t been cleaned in years. Good Thoughts smells like your grandma’s cooking and bodega flowers, while Carby Musk is reported to actually smell like the Champage Papi himself, with notes of “amber, cashmere, suede, and velvet.”

Source: W Magazine

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