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Doja Cat’s Met Gala Look 2023: The Singer Dressed As A Literal Cat

If the Met Gala invited celebrities based on who has been best dressed the entire year, Doja Cat would be first on the invite list. And honestly, she might be! This is the singer’s first-ever Met Gala and now that Doja Cat’s Met Gala Look for 2023 has been unveiled, it certainly won’t be her last.

This past year, Doja Cat has stepped outside the realm of typical celebrity fashion and has elevated the artistry of everything she wears. For Paris Couture week, she covered her body in a thousand red crystals for the Schiaparelli show, she created a fake eyelash mustache at Viktor & Rolf, and once painted her whole face gold for a look. Fans couldn’t wait to see what shocking look Doja Cat was going to pull out next and the result is honestly better than what anyone could have expected.

In a singular word, and to quote Doja Cat’s Met Gala red carpet interview, “Meow.”

STYLECASTER | Doja Cat Met Gala Look 2023

Getty Images.

In a brilliant game of name recognition, Doja Cat dressed as a cat—ears and all—for the 2023 Met Gala. While the look is fitting for Doja Cat for obvious reasons, it’s also right on par with the “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty” exhibit theme. Karl Lagerfeld loved his cat Choupette (who unfortunately wasn’t able to attend the Gala this year) dearly and Doja Cat’s outfit is a direct tribute to the love he had for Choupette.

After news broke that Choupette herself would not be in attendance at the Met Gala, fans started to speculate which celebrity would take on the responsibility of dressing as her. Doja Cat is the perfect pick.

STYLECASTER | Doja Cat Met Gala Look 2023

Getty Images.

The singer wore a hooded Oscar de la Renta gown with a deep open back and a long feather train. The hood of the gown features crystal cat ears—just in case the prosthetic cat face wasn’t clear enough. Doja Cat accessorized with a diamond headpiece hanging below the cat ears and layered on diamond bracelets and rings.

In Doja Cat’s Vogue interview on the Met steps she said “My friend Melina did my prosthetics. I’m very very excited and I love it.”

The singer’s face is completely transformed with a cat-like nose and what appears to be a prosthetic jaw piece. Fittingly, Doja Cat wore a smokey cat-eye makeup look.

The details of Doja Cat’s look completed her feline transformation. Doja Cat’s nails were filed to a point and painted in an ombré style to mimic cat claws.

When asked what Doja Cat was hoping to get out of her first-ever Met Gala experience, the singer said, “I do hope to have some good conversation, see some cool people and have some fun”.

Jared Leto

Jared Leto. Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The jury is out if Choupette has approved or seen Doja Cat’s Oscar de la Renta feline look but something tells me she will appreciate it more than the full-on Choupette furry suit that Jared Leto arrived in just moments after Doja Cat finished walking the Met Gala steps.

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