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Demi Lovato’s New Single ‘I Love Me’ Is the Empowerment Jam We’ve Been Waiting For

Ever since Demi made her way back into the limelight, we’ve been eagerly awaiting any and all new music from the starlet. Now Demi Lovato’s “I Love Me” lyrics and meaning are on their way after the song’s release on Friday, March 6—and we’re already equal parts proud and pepped up about it.

The 27-year-old continues to mark her return to music following her heartwrenching Grammys 2020 performance in January, where she performed her first newly released single since her overdose in 2018. We hadn’t heard too much from the “Anyone” singer ever since she checked into rehab, but two years later, Demi is reclaiming her narrative. She’s been active on Instagram, debuting her new relationship and her return to fresh-faced selfies—but the most important steps have been those for her as an artist.

In 2019, Demi was busy finishing up her forthcoming album—which features her new track, “I Love Me.” According to a source with E! News in January, “She has spent several months of 2019 in the studio and is still finalizing her album to this day. She has put so much effort into it, and it is going to be the most vulnerable album she has put out. Demi hopes to have the album by Summer, Fall at the latest.”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

As for tracks like “I Love Me,” Demi is really speaking to her experiences post-overdose—whether that’s addressing her mental health or practicing some essential body acceptance. From here on out, her new music is a platform for personal growth.

E! News’ source added, “Demi will be expressing her struggles through sobriety, rehab and will address the overdose in her own creative way. Writing the music has been very therapeutic for Demi and has helped her a lot in her sobriety. She is excited to share her story with her fans and wants to be able to go on tour and reconnect.”

We’re excited for “I Love Me” to do just that.


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