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Demi Lovato Was Just Accused Of Shading Taylor Swift During The VMAs & We Need A Vacation

This is not even tea but here we are. Demi Lovato’s accused of Taylor Swift VMAs shade–but the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer wasn’t even in attendance. Whew–how did we even get here? It’s no secret that Demi has spoken her mind in the past and she’s sometimes even had some interesting things to say about the Lover songstress–but this time she was minding her business.

Since her July 2018 overdose, Demi has been working on herself, her health and her music. She has slowly been stepping back into the spotlight and she just signed with a new manager –Scooter Braun, so we hope that she has new music on the way soon. When she was not in attendance at the 2019 MTV VMAs Demi hopped onto social media to say in her Instagram stories, “I skipped the VMAs for a reason.” She didn’t name the reason but it could be a number of things like, ewww people, it might have been triggering for her, maybe she was feeling ill, The Golden Girls were on, who wants to go to New Jersey–we can continue.

Unfortunately, Swifties immediately jumped to conclusions and assumed that Tell Me You Love Me singer was talking about their fav.

One Swiftie tweeted, “It’s honestly inspiring watching Demi’s dedication to talking about Taylor and trying to make herself relevant.” Luckily, someone with some sense also added, “As a swiftie and a lovatic …Y’all need to chill, not everything is about Taylor and not everything is about Demi.

Nonetheless–our timeline is legit a hot mess.

How about this, we don’t have to like each other–or even have the same taste in music–but not everything is shade about someone else. Demi and Taylor are both two VERY GROWN women who can handle any issues they may or may not have between themselves.

Thanks for coming to our Ted Talk.


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