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Courtney Is a Secret Mastermind on ‘The Circle’—Here’s What His IRL Social Media Looks Like

Call him the puppet master. Courtney from The Circle is the secret mastermind in season 2, and we’re sure it will take him far in the competition. But will Courtney win The Circle? That has yet to be determined.

For those who haven’t watched The Circle before, here’s how the show works: The Circle, which is based on the British reality TV competition of the same name, premiered on Netflix on January 1, 2020. In the first episode, eight or so contestants—who are a mix of real people and catfishes—move into their own isolated apartments within The Circle building, where they can only communicate with other contestants via The Circle, a social media-like computer program that transcribes their messages into text.

Each week, the contestants are asked to rank their fellow contestants. The two highest ranked contestants are named “influencers” and have the power to “block” and eliminate another contestant from the Circle. One by the one, contestants are blocked until there is one contestants left, who is named the top influencer and is awarded $100,000.

So that’s an explainer on how The Circle works. Ahead is what we know about Courtney from The Circle and why he’s a contestant viewers should watch out for.

Who is Courtney from The Circle?

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Courtney Revolution is a 28-year-old from Los Angeles, California. In the first episode, he said the “most common misconception” about him is that he’s a “bitch.” In reality, he describes himself as a “sweet little sunflower.” As for strategy, Courtney said he plans to be friendly to everyone, and then, when the right time comes, he’ll be the “little chihuahua who bites your face off.”

Below is Courtney’s Circle profile:

“I’m a coffee slinging hero. I love to laugh and I live my life loud out and proud. Family is everything to me. I can’t wait to make some new friends and more than anything, I hope to be your cup of joe. #WhenInDoubtTwerkItOut.”

What is Courtney’s job and Instagram?

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

On his Instagram, @courtneyrevolution, Courtney lists his job as “entertainment and podcast host” and a “digital creator.” In the first episode of The Circle, Courtney also revealed that he’s the host of a “pop culture internet show.” According to his Instagram, Courtney is the host of the podcast Overheard Pantry, which is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. He also has his own YouTube channel, Courtney Revolution, where he hosts hour-long shows about celebrity news.

Though he’s entertainment journalist IRL, in the Circle, Courtney listed his job as a “barista” to avoid other contestants thinking he’s “nosy” and a sleuth.

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