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Cole Sprouse’s Reaction to Selena Gomez’s Crush On Him Is Honestly Perfect

It seems like Selena Gomez has been feeling wistful lately, as she’s now revealed on Instagram that she used to have a crush on a certain Riverdale Sprouse twin. It wasn’t long before Cole Sprouse reacted to Selena Gomez’s crush reveal, and his response will definitely make you smile (and, you know, wish he was responding to your childhood plea for love. We were all 11 years old once!) Which reminds us, we should probably mention that Selena’s crush on Cole blossomed way back when they were kids on Disney Channel. Aw!

Gomez’s post on Instagram includes a video of what looks like a graffitied bathroom stall or locker. You can make out Selena’s own handwriting, which reads “Selena Belongs w/ Cole Sprouse 4-ever!!!” in blue marker. It doesn’t get realer than that: a declaration of love on school property! Except there’s something more in Gomez’s shot—another piece of love graffiti, only this time, it’s addressed to some kid named Juan, with “Selena + Juan” written inside of a heart. Um, who is Juan? And why did he get a heart, and not Cole? We have questions.

“Apparently my heart was very conflicted between Juan and Cole Sprouse when I was 11,” Gomez captioned the post. I’ll say!

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Seeing his competition, Cole Sprouse commented on the post himself: “always Juan-upping me,” he wrote. Which, if you know Sprouse’s wry humor, it’s the perfect response to expect. That, and, it looks like he has a history of being “juan-upped”—his own brother, Dylan, is who Selena shared her first kiss with on The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.

At least the 27-year-old Sprouse twin can share his humor these days with his girlfriend, Lili Reinhart. Those two have been known to keep us all on our toes. The pair famously trolled us all after their rumored breakup earlier this summer, with Sprouse sharing on Instagram: “UNPRECEDENTED: Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart consume the flesh of ‘reliable sources’ to fuel their bacchanalian sex cult.” We get it, Cole!

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Clearly, with Reinhart still in the picture, Gomez’s recent declaration of her childhood love isn’t going to be sparking a new romance with Sprouse anytime soon. But hey, a single girl can dream!


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