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Cole Sprouse Had The Most Hilarious Clapback After Being Accused Of Photoshopping His Pics

This Riverdale star knows how to respond to trolls. Cole Sprouse’s clapback after photoshop accusations has us LOLing. Apparently, while we were all trying to figure out what’s really happening in Cole and Lili Reinhart’s relationship, some internet trolls were focusing on other things. It seems like folks are over here accusing The Suite Life of Zack & Cody alum of photoshopping his photos.

Um really?

Thankfully, Cole is much more clever than he is petty, and he shared a hilarious slideshow with incredibly distorted images of himself. In one pic–he had a massive jawline and in another he made it look like he had a 20-pack of abs. Though it was also fun and games–Cole got super serious in his caption. He said,

I’m honestly pretty tired of people saying I ‘edit’ my photos. Like, sure, everybody edits their photos a little bit, this is Instagram we’re talking about here, lol. But to suggest I’m changing the shape of my face or eye color is silly and quite frankly – damaging to my brand. Who even has the time for that??? To prove you guys wrong I’ve decided to include some pictures of myself near my friends and family. If you work hard, eat right, and brush your teeth, you can glow like me too. I even looked like this as a baby so back off! Don’t hate on someone else just because your [sic] jealous.

Bloop! Sadly Cole deleted the post–but a fan account snagged it first.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Cole doesn’t have time for your foolishness and your shenanigans.

This isn’t the first time he gave the weirdos what they deserved. He also has @camera-duels Instagram account, which is basically Cole being sassy AF and taking photos of people who try and sneak and take photos of him. He wrote, “This instagram is dedicated to the people out there who secretly take photos of me, and how I take photos of them first. May the fastest camera win.”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram




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