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Cindy Crawford Recreates Her Iconic Pepsi Ad for TikTok’s Song of the Summer

Photo Courtesy of Pepsi/ Getty Images

Cindy Crawford established herself as a fashion force in the ’80s, but if you had to pick a moment that truly cemented her as a singular pop culture icon, it might very well be Pepsi’s 1992 Super Bowl ad. That’s the one where she pulls up to a rural gas station in a cherry red sports car and helps herself to a crisp vending machine soda while wearing a pair of jorts and a white tank top. Well, 31 years later, Crawford is slipping back into that tank again. This time, however, she gets interrupted by a certain TikTok sensation.

Crawford teased her return to the familiar setup on Instagram, but it’s not Pepsi she’s thirsting for this time around. Instead, she walks up to a bar to get an ice cold Casamigos margarita. (That’s the little tequila brand cofounded by her husband, Rande Gerber, and his best friend, George Clooney.) Otherwise, the setup is the same: Crawford is in the same outfit with those same big gold hoop earrings. Her hair is teased out to high heaven like Bill Clinton is still in office. Her mole is iconic as ever. Then something happens that you might have to explain to people who weren’t old enough to remember watching the original Pepsi ad the first time it aired. You should just go ahead and watch for yourself.

It turns out this isn’t a simple Casamigos advertisement after all, but rather the teaser for a new video for the viral TikTok hit of the summer, That Chick Angel’s “One Margarita (Margarita Song).” The rapper alter ego of comedian Angel Laketa Moore, That Chick Angel’s song started as a satirical freestyle rap take on a preacher’s sermon about the dangers of alcohol, but has since taken on a life of its own on Instagram, where everyone from professional dancers to frat boys are dipping it low thanks to the power of tequila and a good beat. Moore recruited Saucy Santana for an official remix, and now with a Crawford cosign, it may end up the surprise song of the summer.

The full video will be released tomorrow.

But this is not the first time Crawford has recreated the Pepsi ad.

She’s since continued to do similar ads for Pepsi, and also recreated the setup back in 2021 to benefit the American Family Children’s Hospital.

Source: W Magazine

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