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Ciate London’s New Makeup Line is a Tribute to This Iconic Movie Siren

Now more than ever, brands are claiming space in our hearts (and wallets) with nostalgic “back in the day” drops you probably weren’t expecting.  And to be completely honest—we enjoy every second even though we’ve switched from coloring in books to coloring our faces. Ciate London is the latest to hop on the throwback trend with a Jessica Rabbit-inspired makeup collection and oh honey bunny, it’s just as sexy as it sounds.

Though the world’s fascination with her killer curves go back to the 1989 debut of Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, the current nostalgia obsession has lifted this beauty icon’s popularity to new heights. For instance, who could forget when Heidi Klum transformed into the iconic siren at her annual Halloween party?  Needless to say, this sultry collection, set to launch at Sephora on March 5, will only fuel the Jessica Rabbit fandom even more. 

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

It’ll include a 9-pan eyeshadow palette, red lipstick and a shimmering highlighter compact. To top that off, the packaging has images of Jessica Rabbit plastered all over. Unfortunately, the collection doesn’t come with her seductive red gown, but we’re confident you can manage without. Plus, we’re almost certain having these products on your vanity will be an instant conversation starter when you have friends over. And even if you’re not into makeup, this is a collector’s item worth getting your hands on. 

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Like many other movie-themed makeup collabs, the Ciate London x Jessica Rabbit collection is limited-edition, so mark your calendars now before the opportunity passes by. You can shop it on starting Tuesday, March 5th. Until then, binge-watch some Jessica Rabbit YouTube tutorials to master her timeless look. 


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