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Chrissy Teigen Pulls Off Dressing Like a Disney Princess…In December

Chrissy Teigen (you know, being a supermodel and all) looks good in pretty much everything she wears. In fact, now that we think of it, we’ve never seen her look truly bad—even when she’s making fun of herself in those ironic (also iconic) Instagram selfies. Chrissy Teigen’s Princess Jasmine Instagram is no exception.

Typically, the mother of two is all glammed up in a floor-length gown, prepared to grace the red carpet with her beauty. Alternatively, it’s not uncommon to see her in full-on mom gear, including maternity skirts, sheet masks and the occasional baby doll accessory, whom she breastfeeds at the relentless will of her two-year-old, Luna. But motherhood’s got another uniform—one we didn’t expect—and it’s actually pretty cute.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

We’d like for everybody to note that it is not, in fact, Halloween. Teigen is just a good mom—and we’ve got no doubt in our minds that Luna initiated this impromptu dress-up party. What we weren’t prepared to accept is the fact that Teigen looks… shockingly… good… in this Princess Jasmine costume?

We didn’t include a question mark there because we’re asking a question. We included a question mark there because we are quite literally dumbfounded by the concept that anyone, anywhere on this planet can actually rock a skimpy princess Halloween costume in the middle of December and not look like a) the Michelin Man, or b) a certified psychopath. In the wise words of one Instagram user, CT is “snatched.”

chrissy teigen disney princess

Photo: Instagram (@chrissyteigen).

Frankly, this photo has made us rethink our entire winter wardrobes. Should we not be wearing dresses and tights right now? Skinny jeans and sweaters? We feel like we should go back to the mall, return all this shit and swap it out for a whole bunch of Disney princess costumes. Because apparently, they’re flattering. Who knew?


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