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Chrissy Teigen Just Responded To Backlash Over Her “Tone Deaf” AirPods Tweet

Twitter’s favorite funny girl, Chrissy Teigen, is addressing that “tone-deaf” AirPods tweet she shared on Wednesday. The former Sports Illustrated model and reigning comedy queen on the social media site came under fire after writing a tweet about her mom’s use of AirPods. Many followers believed the tweet was insensitive, and called Teigen out for her seemingly spoiled post. Teigen was making fun of her mom, Pepper, for not understanding the concept of AirPods. According to Teigen, Pepper loses AirPods constantly and thinks they’d be a lot easier to manage if they had a cord. The joke obviously comes from the fact that Apple intentionally made AirPods cord-less to solve the issue of a tangled cord. And while, it did make some fans chuckle, many others thought it was a very flippant way to address wealth. To Teigen’s credit, the mom of two is apologizing and taking full responsibility for her words.

“My mom treats her AirPods like they’re disposable,” Teigen originally tweeted. “Buys a few a month. She says they would be easier to not lose if they had…a cord.” Responses flooded in like, “Imagine being able to buy a few pairs of AirPods a month,” to which another person replied, “Imagine being able to buy a pair of AirPods.” Other commented things like: “that has horrifying implications for the environment if this is how rich people treat electronics,” and “So NOT relatable,” and “This is so far beyond first world problems it descends to a fractal plane.”

Upon returning to Twitter and seeing all of the responses to her original tweet, Teigen quickly put the blame entirely on herself. “Oh man,” the 33-year-old wrote, “I haven’t checked my mentions for a bit and I didn’t realize how many people were super pissed off about this. It was meant as a joke (and exaggeration) about how my mom doesn’t realize air pods are with a cord are headphones but it came across as super tone deaf and icky.”

But it didn’t end there. “I promise I will not always say the right thing in the right way but I also promise I hate disappointing or pissing you guys off. I’m sorry and I will do better to not be such an asshole,” Teigen continued.

She even took it upon herself to respond directly to a few tweets that she felt deserved a personalized answer. One fan wrote to Teigen saying, “Hi Chrissy: I like you and John. I think you’re decent people. And I think you need to understand that your lives are so removed from those of most people that sometimes you will say things that strike most of us as insensitive. Not intentionally! But still.”

Teigen then replied, “Completely understand and I don’t ever forget people are struggling. All I can do is tangible things to help make a difference outside the twitter world. It definitely showed that I’m a bit removed and I will do better as best I can.”

Teigen, while apologizing, also stood up for herself and her family, saying that they actually aren’t as disconnected from the world like people think. Despite her tweet that understandably rubbed people the wrong way, Teigen says it doesn’t encapsulate or define her world-views.

It’s absolutely a tricky situation but we would like to point out that it’s pretty incredible Teigen even took the time to engage in such a thoughtful discussion. These celebrities are probably inundated with so many comments and views every day—Teigen herself has 11.9 million followers. So thanks for being cool, Chrissy, and hopefully the responses will help her understand a little bit more of where her fan-base is coming from.


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