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Chanel Just Dropped the Chicest Nail Stickers

Chanel Set Le Vernis, $105, available here

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Chanel has been low-key teasing nail stickers for some time on its site with imagery but no product. I’ve been waiting, and they’re officially here via a new kit that also comes with a long-lasting top coat and two polishes in classic colors: summer white and tomato red.

Nail art has been around for thousands of years, literally, and designer logos became popular as nail art over the last few decades, along with the explosion of monograms in fashion. They’re still popular today, whether they’re painted on or come ready-made with adhesive. Chanel releasing its own kit acknowledges loyal fans with some limited-edition memorabilia.

Both colors in the kit align with this summer’s hottest nail trends, especially the crisp summer white. But to me, the sheet of stickers is the indisputable star of the show. There are two sheets of black and white decals (90 appliqués total), which each feature five designs: three versions of the brand’s iconic double-Cs, a camellia (a signature motif for the house) and the number five, Coco Chanel’s lucky number.

Chanel Set Le Vernis, $105, available here

I love how these nail stickers can add a kiss of luxury to any manicure. Rather than trying to painstakingly draw the logo myself or remembering to ask for it at the nail salon, I’ll be popping these on and switching them out over my pink and white manicures all summer long. 

And while you do have to purchase the whole kit to get them, it’s still a lot more affordable than, say, the $10,000 classic flag bag.

Chanel Set Le Vernis, $105, available here

Homepage photo: Courtesy of Chanel

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