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Celine Dion Looks Like a Tiffany Blue Big Bird in This Outfit, and I’m Legitimately Screaming

Just when I think that maybe, one day, my heart can go on, Celine Dion whips out yet another incredible ensemble that causes me to drop to the floor. The singer and icon consistently blesses us with the best of the best—and many times weirdest—looks, and it will never get old. Celine Dion’s latest street style outfit is just as good (if not better) than any of her previous ensembles. It’s the kind of outfit that makes you drop to your knees, tears in your eyes, and scream—in, like, the best way possible. I’m unsure whether Queen Dion picks out these ensembles herself or has a stylist do it, but either way, she is always on the highest tier of style.

While out and about in New York, Celine Dion gifted us with what can only be described as a Tiffany blue Big Bird look. Seriously, imagine if, instead of yellow, Big Bird was a beautiful Tiffany blue. That’s Celine Dion’s latest street style ensemble. Dressed in a Max Mara coat and over-the-knee boots straight off the designer’s Fall/Winter 2019 runway, the singer and fashionista looks as incredible as she ever has. This outfit itself deserves an award.

Celine Dion


And, let us not forget the matching mini skirt and fuzzy fanny pack (!!!!) Dion has chosen to wear with her Max Mara essentials. I’m not kidding when I say I plan to print out this photo and tape it to my bathroom mirror so I can see it every single day when I wake up. Big Bird has nothing on Celine Dion, and that’s a damn fact!

Celine Dion


As a little parting thought before you go and think about this look for the rest of your life, I would also like to point out the fact that Celine Dion is wearing sunglasses at night with this already wild ensemble. Just let that sink in. Ugh, what an icon. Mic drop.


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