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Cardi B & Offset Are Back Together—But Here’s Why She’s Not Wearing Her Wedding Ring Yet

Cardi B and Offset are back together. But there’s a catch. TMZ reported on Sunday that the 26-year-old and 27-year-old rappers are “repairing their marriage” after announcing their divorce in December. Despite spending the holidays apart, sources for TMZ claim that the couple—who share 5-month-old baby daughter Kulture Kiari Cephus—communicated regularly over the season and are focused on “fixing their marriage” in 2019.

As for why they believe their marriage will work a second time, TMZ reports that the Migos member has vowed to “change his ways and be faithful and honest” with his wife. The site also reports that Cardi has been “receptive” to Offset’s apologies because “she misses what they had together.”

But don’t expect Cardi to go public with their relationship anytime soon. Though they’re reconciling, TMZ reports that Cardi still isn’t ready to put back on her wedding ring. “Not because she’s acting like she’s single. We’re told she’s just not emotionally ready to put it back on quite yet,” the site explained.

Cardi and Offset’s reported reunion comes three weeks after they were seen jetskiing together in Puerto Rico a few days before Christmas Photos of the couple show them smiling as they stay close to each other and whip across the water. Despite the Puerto Rico excursion, Cardi and Offset spent their New Year’s apart. Cardi was performing in Australia, while Offset was with Migos in Miami.

After she was seen jetskiing with Offset, Cardi responded to fans on her Instagram live who asked if the couple were back together. “I just had to get fucked, that’s all,” Cardi said, adding that she feels “rejuvenated.” “Bitch feels baptized. I came back to fucking life, bitch.”

It’s unclear if Cardi and Offset are actually back together. Right now, TMZ’s reports are through an anonymous source, so until Cardi and Offset confirm it themselves, it’s best to believe they’re still broken up. Still, we’re holding out hope for a reconciliation.


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