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Cardi B Just Got Real About Everything She Went Through To Make ‘Invasion Of Privacy’

For any artist, creating an album is challenging. However, when you’re pregnant and there are so many expectations on you, it can be even more challenging. Cardi B revealed her Invasion of Privacy album struggles, and we don’t even know how the badass rapper pushed through. In Feb. 2019–the Bronx native made history for becoming first female rapper to win a Grammy for Best Rap Album. However, the road to getting there was not an easy one.

The Hustlers actress hopped on social media to share some of the more trying details of finishing Invasion of Privacy. She tweeted, “On my album I showed different sides of me. From my intro talking about my pass. To living my best life inspiring people. Relationship songs while I was going thru my own relationship drama to shaking ass like Bodak & that ASS. Every song went platinum!”

Despite naysayers saying that Cardi doesn’t write her own raps or having people constantly compare her to other artists– Cardi has always been candid and grateful. “I did it all while I was pregnant,” she continued. “Throwing up, drowsy, terrible colds and in a rush to finish it so I can start doing music videos before I started showing. I spend 24 hours for months sleeping on a couch with my pregnant depressed ass in a studio.”

We already know that Cardi is a workhorse. She got some plastic surgery earlier this year and went against doctor’s advice to continue performing. We can’t imagine how solid her work ethic is if she did this all while pregnant.

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As a new artist, Cardi didn’t understand a lot of the politics of the music industry. As a result, her husband–Migos rapper Offset was able to reach out to artists on her behalf for features on Invasion of Privacy. “I had to get my husband to talk to my label cause I never had a relationship with them so we all came together to relocate me to Atlanta and Miami to finish my album before my stomach start showing,” she recalled. “When i kept seeing the certifications of the songs going gold or platinum I was so excited cause my husband was out here asking everybody for a feature on my behalf so the ones that said yes thank you from the bottom of my heart cause TRUST ME ALOT OF ARTIST SAID NO!

Cardi ended her reflections by commenting on a word of advice the late rapper Nipsey Hussle gave her. “When I won Nipsey said on a comment to me WHEN IS YOUR TIME IS YOUR TIME!” she exclaimed. “Now when I speak to upcoming artist or people who ask me for advice I tell them the same thing ! WHEN IS YOUR TIME IS YOUR TIME and when it comes don’t let nobody take that special moment away from you !”

And what a time it is.


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