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Cardi B Is Being Mom-Shamed for These Sexy Instagrams & She Responded Like a Boss

“Cardi B” is basically synonymous with “epic social media presence” these days. She will do and say anything with a no-hold-bars attitude. It’s honestly inspiring. We all need a dose of her self-confidence and “I don’t give a fuck” attitude towards haters. In the past 24 hours, though, Cardi B was mom-shamed for her performance at a porn awards show and a few provocative Instagrams she posted on Saturday, January 26.  The 26-year-old rapper is no stranger to speaking her mind. Just 10 days ago she posted an Instagram video about the government shutdown that received a lot of attention from fans and government officials.

But these recent Instagram shots and poses are receiving a lot of negative attention from followers who think Cardi should be conducting herself differently now that she’s a mother. (Cue the eye roll.)

Cardi B posted four photos in four different lingerie looks on Saturday for the AVN Awards, which is often referred to as “The Oscars of Porn.” Cardi B even leaned into the theme, captioning one of the photos, “AVN awards….. I’m a little pornstar today 😩well I’m a pornstar whenever you want me to be 😜😜😜😜

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

While some fans were super supportive of her look and poses, others responded negatively. “I’m not a fan,” on Instagram user wrote. “You have no respect for yourself,” the user added in a second comment. “And I feel that you’re a very trouble role model for your little daughter and any other child. You don’t even know how to Express yourself. as a real Lady should start acting like a real mother😢😢😢

cardi b instagram haters Cardi B Is Being Mom Shamed for These Sexy Instagrams & She Responded Like a Boss


Other fans supported Cardi B, telling her that the hate needed to end. “All the hate need to stop,” one user wrote. “she aint doing nothing so why y’all on her back she just now starting back working because her baby was sick u don’t have to be a slut to look cute period”

cardi b instagram supporter Cardi B Is Being Mom Shamed for These Sexy Instagrams & She Responded Like a Boss


In a later Instagram, Cardi B posted two boomerangs miming sex and masturbation. (The boomerangs have since garnered 3.5 millions likes).

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

A celebrity masturbating might not be what you would expect to see when you open your Instagram, but with Cardi B, you can always expect the unexpected. Unsurprisingly, these videos also riled up some of Cardi’s followers. According to Yahoo Lifestyle, several parents and Instagram users had opinions on the posts.

“You are def doing to much,” one follower wrote. “You are a mom Cardi, a f***ing mom,” wrote another. Others were concerned Cardi B’s younger fans would see the Instagrams and believed she wasn’t setting a good example for those young followers or even her own daughter, Kulture Kiari Cephus, who is currently six-months-old. “That’s a bit much too put on Instagram Remember kids use this too,” wrote one user.

Many users and Cardi B fans came to her defense saying she was free to do whatever she wanted and, as one fan wrote, “if you don’t like it move along and let the ones that love it enjoy…”

It’s not unlike this young rapper and mother to stir the pot. Let’s be real, there’s no way she posted these videos without knowing there would be some mixed reactions. But like some of her fans said, including her sister Hennessy Carolina, she should be free to do whatever she wants. “I hate when people wanna say ‘you need to be a good example to kids’ like who are you Elmo, Barnie do you work at Disney channel? why do people kids have instagram anyways? Pleaseeeee, YOU LOOK HOTTTTT! And im glad your getting your confidence back after bby girl.”

Cardi B came to her own defense with her last lingerie shot, “Can I be sexy one time and not get called a slut ? Sheeesh!”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Following this display of sexuality, Cardi B posted a rather modest photo of herself cradling her little baby girl on a flight. “I gotta fly I need a jet yea I need room for my legs , I got a baby I need some money shiieeet I need cheese for my egg ❤ #Reebok.” Aw. That was sweet, Cardi!

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

There’s validity to both arguments but no matter where you stand, you can be sure Cardi B will keep doing what she wants because she is happy being herself. Hey—Shakespeare did say, “To thine own self be true.” Granted, he didn’t live with social media so we’re not sure this is exactly what he meant, but you do you, Cardi!


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