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Cardi B Concert Moments That Prove Why She’s So Relatable

Anyone who follows Cardi B on Instagram knows she’s one of the funniest celebrities around. But Cardi B’s best on-stage moments take her relatability to the next level. Since her come-up in the music industry, Cardi B has been everywhere. And while we’re excited to see where the recent Grammy winner‘s career takes her, we still love the good ‘ol Cardi who doesn’t take herself too seriously, especially at her concerts.

With numerous number-one singles and a fanbase unlike any other, it’s understandable why Cardi B is in high demand these days. She’s performing concerts left and right, and when she’s not headlining a music festival, she’s rapping her heart out at an awards show. But with so many performances each week, there are bound to be some snafus, which brings us to this list of Cardi B’s most relatable concert moments.

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper has always been the first to joke about herself, and her good-humored reaction to these moments prove why we love her so much. From the time she paused her concert to pick a wedgie on stage to when her wig—literally—flew off as she was twerking, Cardi is the queen of relatable moments.

When She Picked Her Wedgie Mid-Concert

Cardi was performing in Tauranga, New Zealand in January 2019 when she had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction: a wedgie. While twerking on stage, Cardi’s outfit rode up a little too much, which led her to pause her concert, so she could go backstage to adjust herself. “Anyways, y’all, I need to take a little break,” she told the crowd. “I’mma be right back. I gotta take this wedgie out my ass.”

When She Ended a Performance Short Because of Her ASthma

Cardi is no stranger to making jokes about her asthma. While performing at Warner Music Group’s pre-Grammys party in January 2018, the rapper joked that she had to cut her performance short because of her asthma. She even threw in a reference to Ciara. “I’m only going to do one more for you bitches because I’m tired. I ain’t like Ciara. I can’t go all night long. I got asthma,” she told the crowd.

When She Gave Offset the Middle Finger

In December 2018, a week after she announced her separation to Offset, Cardi performed at Jingle Ball 2018. During the performance, gave Offset a brief shoutout followed by a middle finger. Offset, a member of the band Migos, was caught cheating on Cardi in September 2017. Watch the moment at the 1:49 mark below.

When She Called Out a Fan for Throwing Champagne at Her Crew

In October 2017, when her song “Bodak Yellow” was still rising on the charts, Cardi paused a performance to call out an audience member who threw champagne at her crew. “You’re not going to be disrespecting my fucking people,” Cardi told the fan before continuing with her performance.

When Her Heel Messed Up Her Twerking

At a performance in June 2016, long before she became the superstar rapper we know today, Cardi invited a few audience members on stage for a twerking contest. During the contest, Cardi thought she would join the fun too by dropping down into a split and twerking. However, her red heels proved to be an obstacle, and the moment is, well, awkward. Still love you, though, Cardi. Watch the moment at the 3:20 mark below.

When She Powered Through a Wardrobe Malfunction

Cardi is no stranger to wardrobe malfunctions. (Her awe-inspiring Grammys performance is one example.) While performing at Jingle Ball 2018 last December, Cardi found herself accidentally flashing the crowd when her skirt lifted up a little too much and revealed her bare bottom. It was no big deal, though, as the rapper continued the performance with her hubby, Offset, as if nothing happened.

When She Almost Had a Nip Slip on Live TV

Cardi was introducing Demi Lovato at the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards when she realized her dress was slipping. Thinking fast, Cardi grabbed the cup of her dress and held it up to avoid a nip slip on live TV.

When Her Wig Literally Flew Off

Cardi took the term “wig flew” to the next level at a performance in November 2018. Video of the moment shows Cardi twerking hard before her black wig almost flies off her head. The moment was no biggie for Cardi though, as she put it back on and continued her performance like a pro.

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