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Capricorn—Your May Horoscope Predicts Dramatic Shifts in Your Social Life & Follower Count

Whether you’re out playing the field or already in a satisfying relationship, your Capricorn horoscope for May 2023 is serving up plenty of opportunities for romance and connection. Open your heart!

Earthy and sensual Taurus season is in full swing as we kick off the month, and it’s shining a spotlight on your sex and dating life. Are you embracing pleasure and following your heart, Capricorn? You should be! If you’re being haunted by memories of an ex or temptations from lovers past, you can blame it on Mercury retrograde—as it’s currently backspinning alongside the sun. Making promises or commitments during the first two weeks of the month might not be the best idea, but there’s no harm in having some no-strings-attached fun.

If you need a distraction, the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 provides an unavoidable one, as it’s set to stir up some serious energy in your social life. Drama amongst your crew might pop up out of left field, exploding into a chaotic climax and opening your eyes to the true state of things. Don’t settle for friendships that drain you or feel unsupportive. You deserve to be surrounded by a community who believes in your hopes and dreams and encourages you to shine.

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Romantic Venus starts lighting up your partnership sector on May 7, sweetening up your relationships and bringing more harmony to your closest connections. The love planet blows a kiss to your cosmic ruler Saturn on May 13, strengthening the communication between you and your significant others and encouraging loving conversations about boundaries. Mercury retrograde ends the following day (hooray!), but the real cause for celebration this week is lucky Jupiter’s grand entrance into your romantic and creative fifth house on May 16. During this year-long transit, you’ll have so much more access to joy, playfulness and pleasure—so take advantage of the magic. The new moon in Taurus on May 19 is the perfect time to dip your toes into this fresh vibe: Lean into a passion project, pick up a new hobby or ask a sexy someone out for a date.

Gemini season kicks off on May 21, and you can channel this busy-bodied energy into your work life and daily routine. Multitasking is the hot move right now, as you’ll be feeling more mentally rejuvenated and ready to productively tackle your to-do lists. Just look out for frustrating distractions or setbacks (like an influx of emails that require immediate attention) throughout the last week of the month, as the sun in Gemini will be squaring off with Saturn in Pisces, forcing you to reprioritize things in your schedule. Spoiler alert: You can handle it.

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