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Cancer—Your May Horoscope Says a Lunar Eclipse Could Lead to an Unforgettable Love Story

This month is dishing up a gorgeous variety of vibes—as your Cancer horoscope for May 2023 promises fun, friendship and romance, plus some much-needed solo time, too. We start things off in Taurus season, which highlights the most social and community-oriented part of your chart. It’s a great time to go out, connect with your crew and have some group hangs.

However, keep in mind that Mercury retrograde may cause mix-ups or misunderstandings amongst friends up until it stations direct on May 14, so try not to take botched plans or questionable gossip too personally.

While social vibes have been high, your love life may have fallen by the wayside this past month—but once the lunar eclipse in Scorpio hits on May 5, expect excitement in your sex and dating sector. A situationship could quickly come to a passionate climax or a dramatic conclusion, or a sudden burst of inspiration could send you into a surprise-filled creative spiral. You’re also due for a major cosmic glow-up once amorous Venus hits your sign on May 7. During this period, you can attract anything you desire, so lean into your sweetest and most seductive Cancerian charms. With both luxurious Venus and lusty Mars in your sign together for a couple weeks, mid-May is the time to take the reins on romance!

StyleCaster | Zodiac Signs Most Affected by Full Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse

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On May 16, abundance planet Jupiter enters your community-oriented eleventh house, kicking off a year-long cycle that’s ripe for making new friendships and collaborations. Your hopes and dreams for the future are growing bigger and brighter than ever! Set an intention for this transit under the energizing new moon in Taurus on May 19, which takes place in the very same part of your chart.

For a comfort-loving and occasionally-homebodied Cancer, all this activity could leave your batteries drained. And once feisty Mars leaves your sign on May 20 and the sun enters Gemini on May 21, you have cosmic permission to chill. Gemini season activates your sleepy and introspective twelfth house, calling you to slow down and turn your focus inward. Quality alone time and spiritual moments of meditation are exactly what you need as you wrap up the month, so leave room in your schedule for relaxation. Plus, Cancer season starts next month, so rest up now and be ready!

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