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Camila Cabello’s Tuxedo Dress Has Sleeves Bigger Than My Head—and I’m Into It

It’s almost the season of giving, but I already feel like I am receiving. There have been so many incredible celebrity looks lately, and I am soaking them all in, baby. Some celeb ensembles are simply beautiful, while others make your jaw drop to floor in awe—Specifically in this case, I’m talking about Camila Cabello’s Time 100 Next Gala dress. Camila Cabello constantly blesses us all with gorgeous outfits, but this latest look has to be one of my absolute favorites. It’s gorgeous, creative and just a little bit quirky—exactly how I like all my red carpet ensembles.

Dressed in an Alexander McQueen tuxedo dress, Camila Cabello looked stunning on the Time 100 Next Gala red carpet. The dress—straight off of the Alexander McQueen Fall/Winter 2019 Paris Fashion Week runway—was perfectly suited (Get it? Because it’s a tuxedo dress?) for the singer, and featured one major eye-popping detail: THE SLEEVES. The sleeves on this Alexander McQueen dress are, in fact, larger than both my head and Camila Cabello’s head. The puffy sleeve trend has never seen anything like this.

Camila Cabello

Andrew H. Walker/Shutterstock.

Frankly, I love the puffy sleeve trend, so these giant-ass sleeves Camila Cabello sported on the red carpet is a look I’m very into right now. The fact that most of the dress is black, but the sleeves are hot pink makes the ensemble even better. Pay attention to my huge sleeves, damnit! They’re exactly the fun pop of color that any red carpet look needs.

Camila Cabello


Of course, Camila Cabello’s red carpet look was made even better (and sexier) with the addition of fishnet tights and over-the-knee boots. (Anyone else seeing over-the-knee boots everywhere this season? They are majorly trending, my friends.) All in all, Camila Cabello has given us yet another *chefs kiss* look. All I can hope for now is that she’ll stop making out with Shawn Mendes in public. (Those memes are good, but at what cost?)


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