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Camila Cabello Was Definitely In Girlfriend Mode At Shawn Mendes’ Brooklyn Concert

How presh. Camila Cabello’s reaction to Shawn Mendes’ shoutout at his Brooklyn concert is honestly the sweetest thing we’ve ever seen. If you didn’t know, the friends turned lovers have been hot and heavy all summer–and as the days cool off, it looks like they are taking their romance into the fall. On Friday, Aug. 23–Camila was front row center at Shawn’s concert at Barclays Center and she even got a shoutout from her boo.

Shawn fans had their eyes on Camila throughout the entire concert–and apparently, she was dancing, singing along and living her very best life. Things got even more sultry when Shawn gave his bae a shoutout–calling her “mami”–while pointing her out in the crowd so that everyone knew exactly who he was referring to.

“Camila came out a little more than halfway through Shaw n’s concert at the back of the floor on a raised platform,” a source told Us Weekly. “When Shawn introduced his song ‘Fallin’ All in You,’ he ended with, ‘This one is for my mami!’ and he pointed to Camila.”


Apparently, Camila who has been to a good chunk of Shawn’s concerts all summer lived for his very public acknowledgment. The US Weekly source continued,

She was with a male friend throwing her hands up in the air when he started playing. She was wearing one of his bracelets that was glowing as she was dancing. Halfway through the song, she got down on her knees and was looking lovingly at the stage and stayed there until the end when she jumped up and down and screamed and pointed. He was looking directly at her.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

It looks like this couple’s chemistry isn’t dying down anytime soon. The pair are scheduled to perform their hit single “Senorita” together tonight at the MTV VMAs–and apparently, it’s going to be full of PDA and sizzling hot moments. We think it’s a pretty iconic way to make a relationship public.

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