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Butt Acne is Real–Here’s How to Treat It

There’s certainly no shortage of dialogue and treatments in the anti-acne space, but body acne is actually almost equally as common, and yet somehow widely under-addressed. I mean, we get it. It’s totally understandable that the skincare sphere tends to neglect the not-so-sexy territories of butt and back acne. Unfortunately however, the lack of acknowledging it certainly doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. On a positive note, with summer just around the corner, how-to guides shamelessly illuminating ways to get rid of butt acne have become more and more widely available and less stigmatized. And, skincare brands are starting to take note of this transition, offering new acne-fighting products to help keep your derriere smooth and bump-free this summer. There’s even a budding butt mask trend circulating across the internet with impressive momentum, and we’re 100% here for it.

While you may be tempted to sneak into a shadowy corner to continue reading without anyone at the office finding out about your um, condition, if it’s any consolation, butt and back breakouts usually aren’t actually “real” acne. Butt, thigh, chest and bacne usually flares up due to inflammation resulting from clogged follicles (folliculitis). While cystic acne may be the result of hormonal imbalances and other physiological factors, most the time it’s actually caused by chafing or excessive rubbing from wearing super tight clothes, waxing or waiting too long to hop in the shower after an sweaty workout sesh.

Of course, body acne isn’t limited to the summer months, but it’s freezing out you’re not likely to be flaunting a cheeky bikini, plunging silk cami or slinky halter top, so body acne isn’t really a primary concern when it comes to winter skincare. However, now that we’re about to dive deep into sky-rocketing temperatures and soaring humidity levels, combating unsightly booty bumps is an urgent affair. See below for some of our favorite innovative skin and body care products to help keep your backside blemish-free.

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We Know It’s Embarrassing, but It’s Summer & Butt Acne is Real; Here’s How to Treat It | STYLECASTER


1. BFE Anti-Acne Buttocks & Thigh Treatment

This acid-based treatment is suspended in a super emollient lotion formula to counteract any irritation or dryness caused by its potent blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acid. This product not only blasts away blackheads and unsightly breakouts, but it also is a great anti-aging product because it helps boost cell turner and gently exfoliates. This means it’s not only great for the behind and thigh regions, but it’s also great for reversing sun damage on the neck and chest.

Buy: BFE Anti-Acne Buttock & Thigh Treatment $39.86

We Know It’s Embarrassing, but It’s Summer & Butt Acne is Real; Here’s How to Treat It | STYLECASTER


2. Green Heart Labs Butt Clearing Lotion

This anti-acne lotion is great for preventing breakouts and soothing inflamed skin courtesy of its ample dose of calming ingredients including arnica, aloe and calendula. According to the manufacturer, this resurfacing product is capable of delivering visible in just 24 hours, and the before-and-after customer photos on the listing appear pretty convincing to say the least.

Buy: Green Heart Labs Butt Clearing Solution $34.99


We Know It’s Embarrassing, but It’s Summer & Butt Acne is Real; Here’s How to Treat It | STYLECASTER


3. Medicinal Soap Butt, Back & Body Bar

Just like facial acne, cleansing is key when it comes to preventing and getting rid of existing breakouts. This bar soap contains detoxifying activated charcoal and tea tree oil, offering a double dose of natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Together ingredients are effective, yet gentle enough for sensitive skin and pregnant women.

Buy: Medicinal Soap Bar $12.97

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