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BTS Created an Official Starbucks Drink in South Korea & We Need It Now

The Bangtan Boys have collaborated with huge brands in the past, but who would’ve expected their next partnership to focus on food and beverages? This BTS Starbucks drink collaboration had all the ARMYs floored when it was announced on Thursday, Jan. 16. And naturally, fans have many questions: What does this collaboration look like? Is it purple? What does it taste like? And perhaps most importantly, will my local Starbucks have these BTS products? (Let’s be real. It could taste like cardboard and we’d still want to get our hands on it. But this is BTS we’re talking about; our boys wouldn’t do us like that!)

Well, here’s what we know: Starbucks announced the BTS collaboration today, confirming it as part of something called the “Be the Brightest Stars” campaign. The BTS-themed product line doesn’t just include a featured drink, although that is the star of the show. It will also feature limited-edition food items; in terms of flavor, we’re talking all things blueberry and cheesecake. Um, yum!

If that taste isn’t quite your speed, don’t worry. You’ll also be able to pick up merchandise items like mugs, glassware, tablet and laptop pouches, keychains, and more. Everything will be featured in various shades of purple to go along with the ARMY’s color and the collaboration’s “starry night” theme. Already, the photos below look super cute.

But there’s one potentially disappointing note: The campaign will only be available to fans in South Korea. It’s not clear if it will ever be making its way over to other countries, including the US. At least that’s for a good reason too, though.

The campaign is running from Jan. 21 to Feb. 6 to benefit the Beautiful Foundation’s Opportunity Youth Independence Project, a foundation to benefit disadvantaged youth in Korea. A portion of the campaign profits will be dedicated to funding career and educational programs for these young people, many of whom are transitioning from their childhood homes into independent living situations. A tricky time for anyone, let alone if you come from a struggling background.

ARMYs abroad, I guess we can’t be too disappointed now if this is all for a good, local cause. But hey, if Starbucks wants to bring the collaboration to the US, we’re not complaining! We’re more than happy to donate.


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