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BLINKs Can Get the Gift of a BLACKPINK Photo Book on Lisa’s Birthday

Dedicated BLINKs already know that the BLACKPINK ladies are talented in more ways than one. In fact, 22-year-old member Lisa has quite the eye for photography—which is why BLACKPINK’s Lisa birthday photo book has finally been announced by YG Entertainment. The limited-edition photo book, 0327, will be available for purchase on Lisa’s birthday, March 27, as indicated by the title.

According to Korean pop culture site, Soompi, BLINKs can expect to see a specially curated selection of photos by none other than Lisa herself. The Thai star reportedly played a part in planning the entire book, from curation to design. Since the special-edition book is set to release on Lisa’s own birthday, it also makes sense that it will heavily feature photos of Lisa herself, or those taken by Lisa personally. But according to Soompi, that doesn’t mean that BLACKPINK fans—from Jennie stans to Rosé lovers—will miss out entirely.

Of the 152 pages in the photo book, there will be an array of shots focusing on Lisa and the other BLACKPINK members, gathered from their participation in professional “photo shoots, fashion shows, and concerts,” according to Soompi. And as BLINKs know, Lisa has a knack for film photography herself—so we can expect to see several of her own shots featured in the photography book.

It is also reported that this “limited run” for the photo book includes 327 copies, signed and numbered by Lisa herself. While YG Entertainment has yet to post an official purchase page, the company has listed links on BLACKPINK’s Facebook page where BLINKs can pre-order the book ahead of its release on March 27. According to the listing, the book retails for ₩ 24,000, which if you’re in the U.S., equates to around $20.

YG Entertainment’s post also reveals that, along with the softcover copy of the photobook, BLINKs can expect to receive a 5-piece sticker set and 2-piece “pet photocard” set along with their purchase. They also include links to purchase across the U.S, the U.K., China, Japan, and more.


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